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The Apostle Paul’s Checklist

  1. Formula for Success.jpg

    The Apostle Paul set aside chapters twelve and thirteen of the book of Romans to offer a detailed outline of exactly what is needed to live a fulfilled Christian life. If you’ve studied the Bible for many years, this is the perfect place to come for a quick refresher course. If you’re new to Bible study, this is a good place to get the lay of the land before you begin your journey. What I have below is my personal paraphrased version of this important section of scripture. Let this be a quick appetizer and then open up your favorite Bible translation and read these two chapters yourself. It’s always a great read.

    Romans 12 – 13

    Don’t simply go along with today’s culture. Look first to God for guidance.

    Everything good that you accomplish comes from God, not from you.

    Help others easily understand your faith.

    Help others with humility.

    Guide those under your instruction with patience and kindness.

    Stay in touch with the joy the Lord provides.

    Overcome evil with good.

    Honor those around you above yourself.

    Constantly refresh your spiritual connection to God.

    Remain optimistic. Share everything with God in prayer.

    Give extra attention to your Christian brothers and sisters.

    Always be hospitable.

    Care deeply for your enemies.

    Sincerely share in the joy of others. Honestly feel the pain of others.

    Practice harmony with others.

    Be willing to make friends with anyone.

    Never think highly of yourself.

    Refrain from responding to evil with evil.

    Make an effort to get along with everybody.

    Let God handle revenge.

    The only debt you should have is the love you owe to others.

    Love others as yourself.

    Avoid darkness. Seek the light.

    Turn your back on this world and keep walking toward Jesus.

    Let’s be honest. The Bible can’t be summarized. The depth of thought found in the Bible is such that only a verse-by-verse study can provide complete understanding. Keep in mind, the word of God is a unique tool that speaks directly to individuals. Your reading and understanding will include thoughts and concepts that apply directly to your life. Of course, there is one line in chapter thirteen that does sum up all the teaching of Jesus in a single sentence.

    “Love does no wrong to a neighbor; therefore love is the fulfillment of the law.” Romans 13:10 (NASB)

    Jesus made it clear that nothing is more important or powerful than love. When our sincere motivation is love, we can do no wrong. This is God’s simple formula for living a fulfilled Christian life.



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