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Thoughts On The Book Of Acts - God Is In Control

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    If we stay in the Word of God, pray, remain committed to our faith, and listen carefully to the nudging of the Holy Spirit, whatever comes our way is very likely God’s desire for our life. Sometimes it’s not until we arrive at our destination that we realize God was with us the whole way. Looking back it’s easy to see how all the steps fit together. But when we are seemingly lost in the wilderness going nowhere, it can be hard to feel God’s presence. As a follower of Jesus Christ, we need to trust the Lord is with us in every situation. In time, we will arrive at the place God has chosen for us to be of the most value to His mission.

    In chapter twenty-three of the Book of Acts, the Apostle Paul has returned to Jerusalem after his missionary journey spreading the gospel to Jews and Gentiles. Paul was not surprised to discover the Jewish leaders in Jerusalem were threatened by his presence. They didn’t want to give up any of their power so they accused Paul of crimes he didn’t commit. As a result, Paul was taken into custody by the Romans to prevent the Jews from killing him. Paul knew what the Jews were up to and requested his case be taken to the high court of the Emperor Caesar, which was his right as a Roman citizen.

    God is in control and apparently wanted the Apostle Paul in Rome. There was nothing that was going to stop Paul from going to Rome. We may never fully understand why God chose such a circuitous route for Paul to make his way to Rome, but there is no question this was God’s plan.

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