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Those Devilish Cell Phones...

  1. person-768472_960_720.jpg
    I don’t have the patience to learn patience, and its Thursday…my patience supply is severely depleted. I don’t even want to hear my cell phone ding.

    Are cell phones of the devil? I grew up in a religion where just about anything could be evil. If “they” didn’t like it, understand it, or think of it, it just might be of the devil.

    They may not be so very far from wrong. What happened to the good old days when you didn’t have your conversation interrupted because “Oh, I have another call.” (Even my mom does that!)

    There was a time when you didn’t have to pause your face to face conversation until your lunch companion could answer that call, respond to that text, play that next word on Words with Friends…on that devil’s plaything.

    Remember those quiet moments when you just couldn’t be reached? Cell phones put an end to that because, you know, there’s apparently no “off” button.

    With cell phones, too many bosses feel they have 24/7 access to you.

    What about those days when you didn’t see even one person walking around with their eyes glued to a device in their hands? Or talking to the air…I mean that little thing clipped to their ear.

    There was a time when you could make a mistake in public (or have a really bad day and do something stupid) and it not be in danger of being in a viral video complete with comments meant to shame you for simply being human.

    Since when did “viral” take on a new meaning? If I think about it long enough, “viral” actually makes sense for the whole cell phone debacle.

    I wonder…if parents weren’t glued to a cell phone, would most of the forgotten children who have died in hot cars over the past few years still be alive? (I don’t believe for a moment all of them were forgotten, but some surely were. We are indescribably too distracted when year after year people forget their babies are in the car.)

    How many other people would still be alive had they not been killed by distracted drivers on cell phones?

    Would you have ever imagined 20 years ago that somebody's best friend would be a hand-held device? It goes everywhere they go, work, church, bathroom, bed. Personal interaction has been replaced by a mini-computer. People have years-long relationships with people they’ve never touched!

    What if people paid as much attention to their children, their mate, their friends…their church family, their Lord, their Bible…it would surely be a different world.

    The word "their" is looking funny to me now. It's time to close the post. I think my cell phone may be ringing, or dinging, or just waiting for me to pick it up to see if I’ve missed a text, or if it’s my turn to play a word or roll the dice.


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  1. CoolDude68
    One day while waiting at a traffic light I glanced to my left and saw a young girl walking down a city sidewalk with her face looking down into her phone. Just ahead was a street light. I kept watching, and watching and started to wonder if she noticed the street light pole that was getting closer to her with each step. Sure enough, "BAM" her forehead slammed right into the pole! Startled, she shook her head a few times, took one side step to the left like you'd see in a military formation march, then continued to walk forward never raising her head once. She reminded me of a robot. No expression, just kept moving forward. Cell phones have created the modern day zombies! lol
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    1. *LILAC
      LOL! I've seen people trip over their own feet while walking and looking at their phones. Just yesterday I got cut off in a parking lot because a teen was checking her phone instead of watching how or where to park!
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    2. AmusingMargaret
      I work for a university. One little guy walked into a corner of a brick flower bed divider and really messed up his shin. All he could do was lay on the sidewalk and groan (and cuss) for a few minutes. I watch these kids walking from class to class...out of 100, 2 or 3 may be having a conversation with each other, the rest of them are looking at their phones, even if they are in a group.
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  2. WilliamBo
    I have a flip phone for this exact reason, so I'm not tempted to get addicted to the phone or look up x-rated content. Graham Cooke says cell phones are ''demonized instruments,'' and I think there is some truth to that. I was riding the subway a while back and as we were pulling into a station, I was looking out the window as we flew past dozens and dozens of people... and I noticed that about 1/3-1/2 of them were staring at their smartphone. When I go in to bad areas of town, it seems like every person I see is messing with their smart phone. People who are highly prone to addictions get addicted to smart phones, there's even a new disorder in the official psychiatry of america organization that is strictly smartphone addiction, and also one for facebook addiction. It's all in how you use the phone, some people have self control to not abuse them but AS A WHOLE i think smart phones are just one more tool in slowly demoralizing society and desensitizing us to sin and immoral behavior... that is why I don't like technology at all really, they did just fine in biblical days living in tents and log cabins
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    1. AmusingMargaret
      I think people who aren't highly prone get addicted. It's rampant, and it's too accepted. Distractions are detrimental, and that's what they are. I'm not saying they have no good use, for sure they do...but the bad outweighs the good at this point.
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    2. WilliamBo
      I agree
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  3. SpiritofaDove
    I don't have a cell phone at all. I'm happy I don't. Everyone thinks I'm strange. :)
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    2. SpiritofaDove
      Thank you, Greg for your kindness. I always enjoy your wisdom. I don't think you know how much it helps others. God bless you. :)
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    3. WilliamBo
      That's really cool minty, I've been thinking of doing the same thing. I struggle with isolating from society not having a cell phone I feel would be a good tool to ''force'' me to be around people
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    4. SpiritofaDove
      You should go for it, WilliamBo. Make yourself get out there and really talk to people and maybe even do some volunteer work or something also. It is a distraction, the phone, social media. I think it can take us away from God's plan for us. God bless you. :)
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  4. Greg Merrill
    I had a cheap cell phone one time, that my wife wanted me to have while I was on a trip away from her. After the trip, I didn't need it anymore, and don't remember what happened to it. My wife and daughters while living at home had cell phones, so I didn't feel the need. The daughters have been married for a number of years now, and left home before that, but I still have my wife to go to for cell phone needs. I had her show me just the other week how to turn it on and call 911 if needed. Other than that, I am unfamiliar with cell phone usage, still not having one. I do know the Bible pretty good though. Lord, does that hold any salt with You?
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    2. bettercallpaul
      Glad to hear I'm not the only technophobe dinosaur Greg. :)
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    3. Greg Merrill
      Oh! Ok, thanks Margaret. I was hoping I was on the right track. Wheeew!
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    4. Greg Merrill
      Technophobe dinosaur! Well, I don't know about that. We are on computers, Paul. There are some that don't even have those! Imagine!
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  5. bettercallpaul
    And I don't have Internet on the phone either. I use a laptop for CF and other stuff.
  6. bettercallpaul
    One solution is to not have many friends. Seems to work for me. :)
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    2. AmusingMargaret
      I have many I am friendly with, but very few I consider close friends...and that's exactly how I like it.
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    3. *LILAC
      Mine was supposed to be for "family emergencies". Sure it's been helpful but there really aren't that many "emergencies". If anything they text instead of a phone call which feels very impersonal. On the other hand... much easier to ignore! ;)
    4. AmusingMargaret
      And it's easier to text when you don't want a whole conversation. I don't like to be stuck in a long phone conversation.
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  7. *LILAC
    Totally agree! I barely use mine and don't feel the need to!
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    1. AmusingMargaret
      Unfortunately, I look at mine way-yonder too much.
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