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No One Is Letting Go Of Their Guns...

  1. dark-2565155_960_720.jpg
    My heart was grieved on Valentine’s Day when yet again there another mass killing. Later that day, I found myself praying for some little inconvenience in my life, when I had a moment of guilt as the stark realization hit me: There are people with real problems in this world, and I'm asking God about this minor issue of my computer crash.

    Though some will fiercely argue differently, guns are not the issue. Those “thoughts and prayers” that people are now criticizing in memes and tweets? If there was a lot more prayer in America, thoughts would change. Like my prayer mentioned above, too many times our prayers are a few minutes for our own comfort, instead of spending an hour or so on our knees in deep intercession for our nation. How many of us are fasting for America? I daresay not enough when I look at the evil surrounding us. How many churches have weekly prayer meetings? And those churches that do, how many attend? Of those who attend, how much time is spent talking, and how much time is spent in prayer?

    We can't change an amendment thinking that it will change hearts. We can't address mental illness without recognizing that some things defined as illness is just pure evil allowed in by a nation whose back is toward God Almighty. Our youth live in a world where the Bible has lost its authority and our churches house “Christians” who behave like the world. Children are desensitized by violent movies and video games. There are no longer clear-cut guidelines for them to know if they are male or female…their basic identity! Is it any wonder that some of them are mixed up enough to be labeled mentally ill with issues that follow them into adulthood? Is it any wonder that they turn to drugs and alcohol because they aren’t finding what they need in a world that appears just as mixed up as they are?

    At this point, I can't even care that I am not taking a popular stand. It's the truth. America is “taking a knee” for the wrong reasons, and standing around arguing on how to fix evil while suggesting that prayer won’t do any good, but if you make guns illegal, criminals will suddenly obey all laws. It’s time for a lot more thought-changing prayer because no one is letting go of their guns, not the good guys, and not the bad guys.
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  1. Monna
    Right on, Margaret.
    Christian congregations in much of the prosperous industrial world have lost the understanding of the importance of prayer. There is probably no greater "growth focal point" in our life than prayer. And that's not just spiritual life. If we pray as we should, we ourselves will be changed, our priorities, our values, our characters will be changed ... and always for the better.

    In our world of instant gratification, doped rapid body building, fast tract, fast food mentality, we forget that God generally works at a deeper and more deliberate rate. All his character building measures take time and effort. As an example, you can't learn patience without waiting. And patience is fresh produce, so to keep patient you continue to have to practice waiting. All the spirit's fruit take time to grow and mature, and if we don't "water" them they remain stunted and puny. Prayer, with the Bible by our side and the Holy Spirit in our heart to guide us, is the key.
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  2. Brotherly Spirit
    The law can't force people to change hearts, it can hinder people who have evil in it. So I think it's both a spiritual problem of people having personal issues, and lawful problem of society having political issues. Neither are adequately addressed to help people before their lost; whether it's helping them and getting them to admit they need help, or noticing how threateningly to themselves and others they are.

    It's all of the above in someways, from spiritually lost to mentally ill, under-reporting to under-resourced etc. While thoughts and prayers in their own way are helpful; there's a need for them to guide us to action in pursuit of solutions. Not only to have change of hearts, or what happened in our hearts; but to have it express in ways that are helpful to others.

    As for the culture of our country, again it's not limited to this or that. While you could say there's a lack of spirituality; same could be said about there's an abundance of guns. We can't force people to not have personal issues or commit violent crimes, people will always be lost or fall through the cracks. But we should be considerate enough to least agree certain efforts can be done; even if it's difficult, imperfect, and inconvenient.
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    1. AmusingMargaret
      It's true we can't force people to do much of anything (hence my statement that changing amendments won't change others), but when we take our blinders off, we can recognize that it's not an over-abundance of guns no matter who says it is...but it is definitely a lack of Jesus in the hearts of humankind.
    2. AmusingMargaret
      Of course, to someone who doesn't know Jesus and all that He did for mankind on the cross, the thought is foolishness. I don't think it's a bad idea to have background checks and waiting periods before guns can be purchased...but unfortunately, I don't believe that will stop another tragedy from happening, and neither will out-lawing guns.
    3. Brotherly Spirit
      I agree laws alone won't prevent everything that could happen. Just help to prevent more than otherwise if less efforts were taken. Other than laws people need to be noticed and recognized not only as a potential threat, but before they reach that point be helped and treated.
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  3. Darkhorse
    Very well said! Evil is the issue we face, and God is our only hope.

    We didn't have an epidemic of these murders when the baseline of American society was Christian. People had the guns, but they had basic standards of morality, personal responsibility and a profound connection to reality. Our nation was a community.

    We need to restore that community; one nation under God.
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