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Some People Just Need Killin! Series, (understanding The "genocide" Of The Canaanites) Post 1

  1. david-and-goliath-story.png A few months back, I had to break ties with a Christian Facebook friend. That person was trying to come up with an elaborate “Biblical” Apologetic to rationalize why it was OK for him to sleep with his girlfriend, moreover he seemed to wanting to peer pressure me into proclaiming his stance (Very naive of him to think that since I had already shot a few holes in position and had many more in mind from the scriptures and basic facts of Judaism and Early Christianity). R's theology largely came from him wanting to have the best both worlds (when it came to being both married and dating a person). And he came up with a very elaborate and convoluted Apologetic to make that goal a reality. But strangely enough some of his reasoning, came the topic of today! Which is one reason why it is worth discussion, as the old saying goes “Ideas have consequences”. Not only that, but this is also a favorite topic for atheist evangelists to cover as well.

    But getting back to my web friend R, part of the reason he could try to carry on as he did was he learned what I would call Fringe Conspiracy Theory Theology from various Charismatic Evangelicals who were on the fringe of even that movement (Such people might subscribe to some variation of the “Serpent Seed” doctrine etc.) But unfortunately, besides out and out heresies, many modern-day Christians have had trouble dealing with the order of Yahweh to wipe out the Canaanites. In the aftermath of the Holocaust, this seems too many to be the greatest kind of evil. It’s one of those things that many people can only rationalize with some basic biblical saying “That His Ways are higher than our ways etc.”.

    Some people however wanted to go beyond that. Some Evangelicals for instance that have gotten into the UFO Phenomenon and other Paranormal have proposed the idea of a tainted bloodline, noting the mention that the descendants of the Nephilim were living among the Canaanites. They have likewise proposed that this is the reason for the “Genocide” of the people of the Land. These people had been mixing with that of the Nephilim, which produced a tainted bloodline because people who were created in God’s image were now mixed with the blood line of the Fallen Angels (and possibly beyond Salvation due to this corruption), which is why God ordered them killed. Unfortunately, this kind of thinking, comes from our own cultural baggage. It gives a nice concrete justification to something that we tend to see in the Post Holocaust, Postmodern World as the worst kind of thing imaginable (It’s a kind of psychological doctor’s note, that lets them off the hook for cognitive dissonance).

    I disagree with this reasoning. I believe there is some truth regarding the Nephilim, but God ordering the eradication of the Canaanites was something that was ordered for both practical and theological reasons and had nothing to do with “tainted bloodlines”.

    About Author

    Pavel Mosko
    (I am currently a member of parish in the Charismatic Episcopal Church, but have years of experience worshiping in the western and eastern end of Christianity).


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  1. Pavel Mosko
    Well the guy really was trying to have it both ways. And if money was an issue, my best friend would have happily gave him a wedding for free etc. But strangely, he felt the need to preach his theology and basically wanted the rest of us to agree with him and proclaim it also.
    1. Mark Dohle
      He has a bad conscience.....he will come around, grace is powerful.
  2. Mark Dohle
    I do tlhink that some 'issues' are a waste of time. I can see your friends point, since when we sin, we can easily falli into the trap of trying to rationalize it. When it would be better to simply say, I am sinning, I am wrong, but don't want to stop. That will at least keep one true to oneself and transparent.......and hopefully to bring about conversion.