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Serving God - The Whole Body

  1. The Whole Body.jpg

    God’s creation is a complex machine of which you are an important part. As a believer, you are part of the body of Christ (1 Corinthians 12:27) and Jesus is the head directing and controlling all the connecting members. Each of us has a specific role to play. When we all work together as an entire church congregation, extraordinary things can happen. When the whole body serves God collectively, there is no limit to what can be accomplished.

    What follows is a small list of some of the many ways you might consider serving God with the whole body of your church. My prayer is that you will use this list to inspire your service to God and that you will expand this list to include all of your own special talents and resources.

    Serving God with your entire church has limitless possibilities. May you be greatly blessed in your efforts!

    Develop an ongoing strategy to seek and save the lost.

    Open a food bank to help feed those in need.

    Develop a discipleship program to help church members move closer to God.

    Develop a resource to connect those in need with those who can help.

    Put together a group of auto mechanics who are willing to share their skills with others.

    Put together a group of tradesman who are willing to help others with home repairs.

    Develop an ongoing effort to feed and care for the homeless.

    Put together a group willing to regularly do yardwork for the elderly.

    Put together a group willing to regularly do housecleaning for the elderly.

    Develop a seeker-friendly meeting night to minister to those who have not yet found Jesus.

    Partner with other churches to plan a large Christian community festival.

    Plan a free day of fun activities for kids and their families and invite the whole community.

    Find a resource for families in need in your area and develop an ongoing program to help them.

    Create a database of things church members have in their garage, attic, or basement that they are willing to give away and find people in need who can use those items.

    Document the talents of church members along with the amount of time they are willing to donate and connect them with people in need.

    Develop a sports ministry for kids – soccer, baseball, flag football, etc.

    Organize a free outdoor concert for the whole community.

    Create a Bible study class for non-believers.

    Develop a video story-telling ministry that documents the great things happening in your church.

    Partner with the local community government to develop large scale service projects.

    Partner with other churches to develop large scale ongoing service projects like helping the homeless and low income families in your community.

    Provide Christmas and/or Thanksgiving meals for families in need.

    Provide free job-training classes.

    Ask everyone in the church to post something they need (other than money) and see how many needs are fulfilled by other church members.

    Regularly recognize volunteers and thank them in some way for the work they do.

    Plan events specifically designed for church members to bring their unchurched friends.

    Put together a health seminar with doctors, dieticians, and fitness trainers to encourage a healthy lifestyle for church members.

    Develop an ongoing fitness program for all ages.

    Invite representatives from major charities and service organizations to speak to the congregation.

    Look for ways to use the church facilities for community outreach.

    Support missionaries around the world.

    Support those doing God’s work outside the church in the local community.

    Dedicate your church to serving God rather than gaining new members.

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    Extraordinary things can happen when a large group of Christians decide to work together.