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Marriage: A Message Of Hope

By Swan7 · Mar 25, 2018 ·
  1. What is marriage? What does it mean to be married to another?

    Looking back, I didn’t at all understand what it was all about. I witnessed a lot of hate and hostility between my parents. Why? Where did this come from? For years of my life I searched for the meaning of love which is conjoined in marriage. I never did find it on earth. It took me years to finally look for love in the right place.


    Where did marriage begin? Once upon a time - in Genesis.
    Genesis 2:18-25

    There is a lot said in this passage alone. To start out, God says that it isn’t good for man to be alone. It was good of God to create a helper, Eve - a partner - for him, Adam, from his very body which he called woman. Even though they were both naked they weren’t ashamed. Why? Because they were in God’s glory in its purest form.

    Before the fall, that is. Just as a part of heaven fell, so too did mankind: Genesis 3.
    However, God gave hope for redemption through His Son, Jesus Christ.

    So this is where all the hostility came from. Sin. Disobedience. This is what I have witnessed growing up. My mother longed for her husband, but he ruled over her. My dad tilled hours of the day at work and came home exhausted. Keep in mind that my parents didn’t know Jesus very well and so neither did I for years to come. Not entirely because of them, but due to my own stubbornness as well.

    Because of what I saw happen to my own parents I hated marriage. I didn’t believe in it for the longest time. It wasn’t until after I fully committed myself to God, and admitted my own erroneous ways that He shown me everything I needed to understand. From the years I read His Word on surface level I gained wisdom after receiving Him and sacrificing myself. It was much more than an “ah ha!” moment, but a very overwhelming “knowing”. It’s really hard to explain. It’s like seeing through God’s eyes.

    What’s my point in writing all of this?
    Well, God changed my mind about hating and despising marriage. I realized that without God it is impossible to keep on our own strength. I’m talking to believers, I know there are unbelievers that have a happy marriage and that’s fine. But when it comes to believers in Christ, it’s not always pleasant. We are spiritually attacked at every turn because the enemy wants us to fall right along with him - who’s already fallen.

    My point is this, we can have a full marriage again by God’s grace. Yes, He cursed the ground and not us. He made life harder for us because of the choices we made. This is just and righteous of God as Judge to do, but at the same time He had compassion and extended grace to us. He had a plan from the very beginning and paved the way for Eternal Life. How is this God not loving? I’ve never learned of another “god” who does this. There is only One.

    Word of Encouragement

    We can have the Garden of Eden in our own homes again, so long as we abide and listen to the Words of Christ. John 15:4, John 15:7. God meant for us to be co-heirs/rulers over the creation of the world just as Adam and Eve were. For a time they had God as their center and of one mind, but once our eyes shift and are off of Him do we begin to stumble and disobey. Consequences then occur and sometimes the damage is great, but never greater than our God. He is our Restoration if we just go to Him and let Him work through us. We have to be willing to give an ear. If we do, He can do amazing things in our lives as He does them everyday.

    Just as Christ said “Come and see” I say “Look and see


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