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A Lifetime Investment For A Struggling Man Who Love's Christ.

By SeamusDelion · May 30, 2020 · ·
  1. Most people invest in something during their time here in "Life". People invest in a home, or a car, maybe college or their retirement. People work their whole life towards this one goal, while I never really had an urge to invest or work towards anything in this manner, lots of people find this to be of top priority, I mean they work their entire life towards this. I come from a background of drugs, alcohol and abuse. I grew up in foster care, and never really gave any value to my life. I never felt happy or motivated to work towards a lifetime investment that would better me or help my living situation. I always lived in an institute, so I never needed to buy a home. I never had the need to drive anywhere, as I road a bike, or used public transit, so I never had the need for a car. I hated school so that was most "defiantly" not an option and besides, what was I going to do for a career when all I knew were to sell drugs and commit crime. I never really thought I'd live past the age of 25, or at least be free past that age so I never saved money towards retirement. In fact, my world view of life was that there was no point in saving money if I could die by crossing the street when I could spend it and enjoy it now. As I quickly try to stop my money from burning a whole in my pocket, I scroll through a website that I buy my biblical study's from, called Logos.com, a Bible software that allows me to study the bible like a hardcore theologian like MacArthur, or Piper, I realize how blessed I am, and that I have in fact made the best lifetime investment someone could possibly make. Right now as we speak I own a massive library that one person could't even keep in their home library. I am able to Dig deep into the word and do all sorts of things I could't do without this program, or the library I have purchased to go with the program. Its expensive, but.. it's a lifetime investment that I can take with me to the other-world. I can't take a home, or a car, or a retirement fund, but I can take the knowledge of God, and bless others with this knowledge as well. I got to thinking that this investment could not only benefit me but also the church around me if I really dedicate and apply myself to this. In a very special way I see Gods love and plan for my life unfolding. Praise Jesus!
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  1. Andre_b
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful testimony. Wise investment indeed.
    B - Basic
    I - Instructions
    B - Before
    L - Leaving
    E - Earth
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    1. SeamusDelion
      Thank you !