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*WHY* is bvious if you are well aware of it and invisible otherwise

Discussion in 'News & Current Events' started by MattMarriott, Oct 12, 2012.

  1. MattMarriott

    MattMarriott Active Member

    *WHY* is Romney's toupee obvious if you are well aware of it and invisible otherwise
    When you see close footage of "Romney" and you are well aware that he wears a toupee then the toupee becomes immediately obvious.
    So why didn't the human cattle get it?
    The answer is the illuminati religion, at this stage of endless deception (1), at which the human cattle can not first of all imagine to be mocked to these utter limits.

    Johhny Depp & Richard Jenkins in 2011 "Rum Diar"y movie - the climax is NOT the "Don't notice the toupee!" line. The HORRIBLE TRUTH: it is the line BEFORE that one

    2011 Rum Diary movie is a celebration of the illuminati religion
    The illuminati religion is the main reason why they have Richard Jenkins, the same actor playing "Mormon Mitt Romney" in the 2012 "elections" (2), wearing a deliberately obvious and grotesque toupee in "The Rum Diary", a movie released one year before the 2012 presidential "elections".

    What is the climax of the movie?
    The film reviewer for philadelphiaweekly.com did not get it: "This is the kind of rudely humored lark where a sweaty sex scene is interrupted by someone playing a record of Hitler, and where the big, heroic climax involves a trip to the local cockfighting ring.". (3)

    If you are well aware of the fact that Richard Jenkins plays "Mormon Mitt Romney" then the climax of the movie, supposedly starring Johnny Depp, seems obvious: the "Don't notice the toupee!" line, heard at 0:36 of the official trailer (4).
    That is only an illuminati joke about the human catlle unable to see that Richard Jenkins also plays "Mormon Mitt Romney" (3).
    But if you are well aware of the script for fake suicide bomber "Obama" then the HORRIBLE TRUTH aboutt the climax becomes obvious: it is in fact the line that comes immediately BEFORE in the trailer, at 0:34.
    And that line is about "Obama" ultimate role in the supervised ethnic civil war following his detonation, where dozens of millions are scripted to be exterminated. (5)

    (1) Reminder from May 2007 - illuminati at the endless deception stage:
    Illuminati Religion: Illuminati Religion adapted - Endless Deception alternative to World Government, Suicide Accepted

    (2) Richard Jenkins with toupee at last ahead of "Osama" without beard & moustache in "polls", October 9 2012

    (3) The film reviewer for philadelphiaweekly.com, like everybody else, did not get what the climax was:
    A Life of Cheap Booze and Skeezy Drugs is "The Rum Diary" | Capsules | Screen | Philadelphia Weekly

    (4) The Rum Diary - Official Trailer [HD], August 2011
    The Rum Diary - Official Trailer [HD] - YouTube

    (5) Ethnic Civil War, Illuminati last tactic weapon: Controlled detonations ...
    Ethnic Civil War, Illuminati last tactic weapon
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  2. Bethesda

    Bethesda Newbie

    I do dislike the use of the terms 'human cattle' and also 'sheeple' by people where it implies that they are enlightened above us mere normal human beings. Like all those peace protestors who claim to love humanity, but rail against the stupidity of their fellow man and also see no irony at shouting 'PIG' at human beings who wear a blue uniform
  3. Pendrake3

    Pendrake3 Newbie

    United States
    You owe me a new keyboard from my spitting my ice tea all over it as I read this stuff.

    There will be a long black limo, no helicopter outside your home in 15 min. Give the pilot 125.00 in 4.00 bills and ask no questions. We have already deactivated your motion detectors and video cameras.

    Resistance is futile.

    PS we will send you your change.