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Why do I feel bad after I commit a sin but then I go back at it?

Discussion in 'Struggles with Sexuality' started by broder, Dec 5, 2010.

  1. broder

    broder Newbie

    I am a Christian and I strongly believe in the gospel message of our Lord Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord.

    as a married man for one year, I've been meeting up with prostitutes behind my wife's back, everytime that after I commit adultery, I feel like repenting and tears stream down my eyes, after I commit it I regret it with all my strength and promised myself not to do it ever again but i end up doing it

    i end up going back

    why do i feel bad and i cry after i fall but still i end up back doing it anyways?
  2. broder

    broder Newbie

  3. Johnnz

    Johnnz Senior Veteran Supporter

    There probably are longer term issues behind your ongoing visits. These need uncovering and addressing.

  4. coreydstone

    coreydstone Padawan Learner

    You need to focus on your relationship with Christ above all things else. Just stopping is not easy and maybe impossible, BUT if you put your focus on Christ, I've seen examples of miraculous change.

    A Biblical metaphor: Peter could only walk on the water, above the waves of this world, metaphorically, if he kept his focus on Christ. Trying to move his legs or flail his arms was of no purpose. Keep your eyes on Christ.

    Get in the word of God, talk to a pastor. Watch what songs and movies and internet pages you view. Chemo your life, and then Christ will come in and give your weak and worthless metaphorical body life beyond what your worldly passions can.

    Blessings in your pursuit of recovery.

    ~Peace & Blessings :)
  5. wingsoflove

    wingsoflove Praise Thy Lord

    You're a human being... And as such, you WILL often sin. It is in our nature to sin... We can apologize for it, repent, you name it... But we will sin sometimes STRAIGHT afterward!

    Now, I feel as though you may have some deep rooted issues that need to be looked at as soon as possible, perhaps with a professional therapist. You may have a sexual addiction issue.

    I wish you the best of luck and I will pray for you right now. God bless!
  6. JanniGirl

    JanniGirl Well-Known Member

    You are exposing your wife to potential STDs, which can have very dire consequences. If you don't feel you can quit these behaviors, you need to come clean to her if you have any respect or love for her, at all.

    Get yourself tested for STDs & come clean with your wife.
  7. Detroit313

    Detroit313 Newbie

    Sounds like sexual addiction to me. A hallmark of addiction (I'm a recovering drug addict and know the feeling) is doing whatever your addiction is when you don't really want to. I know for me I'd do drugs daily, swearing that I would never do it again up until the moment I was high, and hated every minute of it. Thats addiction. If you really don't want to and mean it when you say you're never going to do it again, and I believe you mean it, but can't control it, it may be helpful for you to visit a therapist and some kind of sexaholics anonymous meetings. Pray for guidence, always the best place to start!
  8. forGod1

    forGod1 Newbie

    what she said.