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What's all the fuss about triggers? (Mod note - please read)

Discussion in 'Trauma, PTSD & Dissociation' started by Bamboo_Chicken, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. Bamboo_Chicken

    Bamboo_Chicken Once a Steffi, forever a Bamboo Chicken Supporter

    United Ch. of Christ
    Generally, triggers are defined as anything that sets off a flashback. They are very personal and different things trigger different people. For this purpose of the forum, triggers may be found in such things as personal stories, explanations of emotions and even in such things as members’ poetry and creative writing etc.

    While your story and road to recovery is important, we ask that you please ensure that you consider other members of this board and include trigger warnings in your thread titles or at the beginning of your posts if you believe they may trigger other members. We also ask that you use discretion when viewing threads here and take note of the trigger warnings. Also, if you come across a post/thread that you find triggering that doesn’t have a trigger warning placed within it, please also report it and staff will add the appropriate warning.

    All trigger warnings should begin with a ‘*T*’ and then the specific kind of trigger the post relates to. For reference, these are the most common trigger warnings, and the ones that we ask you to use in your posts/threads:

    CA – Child abuse
    CSA – Child Sexual Assault
    EA – Emotional Abuse
    ED – Eating Disorder
    PA – Physical abuse/assault
    R - rape
    SI/SH – Self-injury/self-harm
    SA – Sexual Assault

    Example - *T – CSA, ED*

    If you believe that your post may trigger members but does not necessarily fit into these categories please still add a general *T* warning.