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What do you want?

Discussion in 'Singles (Only*)' started by Going Merry, Mar 31, 2013.

  1. Going Merry

    Going Merry ‏‏‏‏ ‏‏‏‏

    Whats that one thing you think about often. You want to pursue it. Maybe you are hindered from doing it right now but know you will do it in the future. But you want it so bad that it consumes you. Maybe you are working for it right now and are in the process.

    What is it?

    And, when you have it, was it worth it?

    For me I will say I do think daily, probably 20+ times a day about going to australia.

    But I have been doubting if it is worth it. Maybe it is. But how can I really know?
  2. MehGuy

    MehGuy The situation individual guy.. Supporter

    I want to be famous/infamous/a mix of both.

    I'd love to be one of those people who are viewed as one of the most influential people in the 21st century by future historians.

    I don't want an intimate relationships with people, I want a cold and distant one with humanity.
  3. pressingon17

    pressingon17 I will forsake it all, for the CALL!

    United States
    I want to glorify Christ and live for Him and only Him. I want to get to heaven and be told one thing, "Well done my good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of your LORD!" That's all this heart and soul desire.
  4. Astrid90

    Astrid90 Member

    For everything to go back to the way it was.
  5. ks777

    ks777 Start singing

    Christian Seeker
    I don't have anything like that in my life at the moment. I don't really want anything really bad. I guess I wanted a fast car, and I got that last month, and I've gotta say it's pretty darn awesome. Nothing else comes to mind.

    Only one way to find out. If you don't you could regret it forever. Nothing to lose really, except money.

    Finally seeing my LDR in person was the best moment of my life thus far.
  6. MrMoe

    MrMoe Part-Time Breatharian

    I just want to have a normal life. Make good money, have good friends, get married and be a good christian. Nothing special.
    I don't think about it 20+ times a day though! That goes to something else!
  7. redblue22

    redblue22 You Are Special.

    United States
    Good question. I don't know, but I'll start writing and see where it goes.

    Things I am passionate about, think about, pursue, hindered from, want it so bad that it consumes me, working for, would give anything for.

    celebrate life now as it is now, who I am now, with who I have now.
    see times to love and be brave enough to do it.
    let people in, know who to trust or not to, and keep boundaries in my life as well.
    see the beauty in life and people and the world
    see people as smart, beautiful, special; see good in people.
    work on friendships and new opportunities to connect and bond and love.
    let people inside and have intimacy--but also healthy distance. neither extreme.
    be in a place in case someone wants to share themselves, know me, and Jesus I know.
    be in a place to see opportunities to make lives better and accept them making my life better.
    grow in faith and know Christ better. be close with God Jesus and be like him.
    work on self-improvement projects
    get over fears of serving people, learn how, and see opportunities.
    be more kind, friendly, especially with those I don't get along with
    face some inner emotions and memories and issues I put off
    be more creative in the kitchen.
    do more artwork and writings.
    try to focus more on the positive and let the negative go
    be at peace in the middle of war--and know when to fight or not and do as I should.
    do some of the basics I ignore like get my car looked at or just not veg.
    live life and goodness without turning off strong emotions that I don't always enjoy or point the right way.
    live in spite of fear, anger, sadness, and not let happy times lead me away.
    hope for a safe girl intimate in my life, but not impress or earn her or try to get something.
    live with unknowing, being in the dark, being wrong, making mistakes, being lesser in church and world.
    enjoy that so many people are so blessed even when I struggle
    do the good that is uncomfortable, and not do the bad that is comfortable.
    accept that some things in life simply are and do not have someone to blame.
    not try to get anything from people--even if it is something good we should want.
    listen more.
    keep true to myself at times when someone could reject me or do something against me.
    love God.
    pray more.
    enjoy God now and look to the future.
    love my enemies and pray for them too.
    stay strong, not hide, and exist along with the dark ugliness that comes in all of this and life.
    see we are all a mixture of good and bad. life is a mixture. and not focus on one.
    forgive people when they make mistakes and not push them out permanently.
    not try to get people to like me, accept me, be impressed, love me--even though these are good to want.
    look for more opportunities to praise others, give, help, hug, spend time together.
    and be ok being alone at times without getting addicted to it.
    live knowing it is ok to be different, individuals, it is ok to be you and me.
    not judge anyone including myself.
    be proud of people and tell them.
    accept not knowing what to do or believe, and not force myself to make all decisions right now or ever.
    keep trying to see the light in darkness and add more to this list as I see.
    not close my eyes or act on temptations.

    I feel like the guy terminator at the end of Terminator 3 sometimes when he's been rewired. But this is my list--and I know some of this comes easy to some of you. And that is really cool. I just want to be there too.
  8. Miss Spaulding

    Miss Spaulding "Hello, gorgeous"

    Acting. Whether it's live theater or screen...it doesn't matter. That's one of the things I think of most often. That's what I want to pursue. Though, I have come to terms with the fact that that may not be what God wants me to do, so I'm prepared to 'let it go' if that's what He wants. ...But again, to answer the question, it's 'acting' for me. A close second would be traveling (in a big way).

    When and if I've achieved this goal...I'll tell you then if it's worth it. Lol. I can't tell the future. But I suspect that if it's God's will for me to become involved in some form of acting, then I'm sure it'll be worth it.
  9. jess9450

    jess9450 Member

    a job
  10. anewday

    anewday This girl is on fire.

    I want...
    a career
    a husband
    a place to call home
    to be at peace and happy, no matter what
  11. ambelle

    ambelle -- previously ampbelle --

    the picket fence. successful and meaningful careers. happy children who know how much I love them. a husband to adore. to expand the church of Christ by doing His will.
  12. Alienated

    Alienated Greateful servant

    Actually Find Intelligent Life On Earth !!!
  13. jenjen486

    jenjen486 The only beauty is found in Christ...

    I want to continue dying to my own fleshly desires, that I may be an empty vessel fit for God's use. That is what I long for daily. I know how much I fall short of this goal. I know how much I get in the way, and how my words and deeds can't save anyone. The Word says our works are like filthy rags. I want so much to be used by the Lord...for Him to speak and work through me. That is how we win souls over to Christ.
  14. Nanopants

    Nanopants Guest

    I want a cabin in the mountains.
  15. jaapottery

    jaapottery ~Graphed in the vine~

    To find my place in the world where I can make a difference and do the job I was created to do. I know I have something to give and I want the Lord to be proud of me for doing the job He made me for. Yeah, of course I want a husband that loves the Lord and a family, but I am trying to be ok with me right now and look at the bigger picture. Learn, grow, understand, listen, have love and compassion for others, the list is too lengthy to put down.
  16. Squeakers

    Squeakers Cat and music lover.

    United States
    Other Religion
    This past week, all I've thought about was Ireland. I even found out my aunt and uncle have been to Ireland twice...and they even showed me pictures and brochures/tickets they've saved from visiting different places. It's been burning in my heart so much that I almost feel like visiting won't do...I'd probably move there in a heartbeat if I had the chance.
  17. MrMoe

    MrMoe Part-Time Breatharian

    Well you can stop looking now, cause you found me.
  18. ks777

    ks777 Start singing

    Christian Seeker
    I want TeaCat.

    To be happy.
  19. MrMoe

    MrMoe Part-Time Breatharian

    I want her.

    To get a restraining order on you.
  20. ks777

    ks777 Start singing

    Christian Seeker
    I hate Moe

    being angry with me. Back off Moe, she likes me more!