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Oct 6, 2006
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Traffic Investigations


Veteran, Female, from Hoosier by the Great Lakes

I unfriended him just a little bit after easter. Right after he did a news piece about a pedestrian bridge he's trying to get money to build Jun 16, 2021

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Sep 18, 2021 at 4:13 PM
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    Hoosier by the Great Lakes
    Traffic Investigations
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    Sampa is an Indian name for a girl meaning Visible flash of light, but it's not my real name. I was active on Christian Forums in 2007-2008 and made some good friends. Over the years my involvement has been intermittent.

    About me: I got saved in 1992 while I was in the US Army. The Navigators ministry is where my growth began and set a foundation for my future walk. It's not always been perfect, but I've continued to integrate daily bible reading, fellowship, prayer, fasting and witness. I've lived in 36+ addresses, many of the short term were summer jobs at college or military training. Much of that in my 20's and became more settled in my mid 30's.

    Much of my work over the years has been in the Transportation industry. 13 years has been with the military, combination of active, reserves and national guard. I've been a vehicle operator, finance and chaplain assistant. It's not my preference but where the Lord wanted me. I also spent 4 years teaching English as a second language in Japan after 5 years of University majoring in Broadcast Journalism.

    On dating and the single life. I've never been married and wanted to at the age of 20 after being saved. I spent time seriously not dating till 26 years, with many struggles with attractions to men not of God. But I persevered in my faith through many temptations and trials.

    The following years in Japan I still had struggles and many frivolous attractions. I would call my 20s the giddy butterfly attraction at a distance years but at 26 years old quite a fiery temptation I had to walk away from. My first encounter with spirtual warfare and coincidences

    It wasn't till I was 35 years old that I decided to give online dating a try. Which I did for a couple of years. I have some interesting stories and friendships that were made. Most everyone states away. At the age of 38 I had a lifelong illness that caused me to lose my hair and have to wear wigs. I started going to a singles ministry 30 miles away. There was someone seriously interested, but some barriers. Something happened that he chose someone else and it broke my heart that I got seriously sick. It was not long after that I decided I could not handle the weight and made the announcement that I would not be getting married ever. It was a shock to many.
    In about 2014 at the age of 42, under some extreme circumstances I allowed someone to enter my life and became my boyfriend. 1st since the age of 19 years old. It didn't last long, 2 months, since he was an alcholic. After I still was thinking I wasn't going to get married until about the age of 45-46 I began to reconsider. It was at the age of 46 that I decided I wanted to be married for practical reasons, I did not want to retire alone and wanted a companion. And so in December 2019 I reentered online dating with a fresh new perspective and focus on marriage, rather than friendships. And since that time, with 43 days of Daniel fasting & time off in between, I've been learning and growing. I've had a few heartaches, but the Lord has been revealing and protecting during the whole process.

    My passions or interest has been long since in running and bible study. My spiritual gifts are intercession, discernment, dreams, teaching and organizing. In the past 10 years I have taken up gardening and it literally continues to grow and bring about some healthy connections with others. My future I hope to be editing and compiling video I took in my 20s and possibly collaborating with film makers and putting together short films that bring about biblical teachings yet factitious film quality.
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