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WEB (World English Bible)

Discussion in 'Theologia Crucis - Lutherans' started by Daniel9v9, Jul 10, 2019.

  1. A Shield of Turquoise

    A Shield of Turquoise New Member

    United States
    How does the ESVUK differ from the normal ESV, apart from British spelling conventions?
  2. Julian of Norwich

    Julian of Norwich AngloCatholic

    United States
    In the few verses I looked at the language seemed a little more dignified. I can't say if that is true generally, just in those verses I checked (and I don't remember those verses off the top of my head - probably from my devotional reading that day).
  3. Daniel9v9


    Not to my knowledge. In some respects, it's not even fully anglicised. For example, throughout the ESVUK it reads "baptize" as opposed to "baptise", which would have been truer to British English. Though I'm sure they had a lot of compelling reasons go with "baptize" - perhaps it's more universally accepted.

    My Lutheran Study Bible is ESV (CPH). It would be nice if CPH published anglicised versions, but I suppose there isn't a very strong demand for it.
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