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Discussion in 'Prayer Wall' started by StillBelieve, Aug 14, 2014.

  1. StillBelieve

    StillBelieve Newbie

    I was just recently healed by God, but it seems that now satan and his servers are now working overtime to "get back" at me. I found out that my soon to be ex set me up by making it look as if I was the one doing things wrong to him, becuz I had busted him out for his crimes against me, and he found out I had gone to Domestic Violence to talk to them and became one of their clients. So HE secretly went to them and tried to make ME out to be "the bad guy" and make himself appear as some sort of innocent "victim". He even shot off a gun in my house when I tried to make him leave, and assaulted me, but the cops refused to believe me, becuz my ex is male and the cops are male and they side against females, and don't allow us our rights or believe us in this facist state.
    Now it seems he's got other people on his side to do damage also I believe, and it seems as if there is some sort of damaging stuff attached to my name.
    Im not sure what it is, but I can definitely imagine. I will not be able to ever get a job if I'm not able to find out what it is and challenge it in a court of law. As far as I know, I have NO record!!
    I need prayer for this serious and scary issue, and if anyone knows how I can find out what it is they put on my name, please let me know.
    Thank you to all of my brethren:)
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  2. Mollie1

    Mollie1 John 3:16 Supporter

    United Kingdom
    praying for you may you know God's peace protection and strength that the threats against you will cease in Jesus Name.
  3. LoveConquers

    LoveConquers Imperfectly Perfect Supporter

    United States
    Praying for this situation
  4. christsoccer

    christsoccer Guest

    praying for your situation
  5. ValorWoman4Jesus

    ValorWoman4Jesus Newbie Supporter

    O dear God, please rush to the aid of this person. Put an end to this nonsense and injustice! Cause to truth to prevail loud and clear! Intervene and intervene in this situation! Put an end to the lies! Cause this husband to repent of his wicked ways and become accontable for his actions. Clear this dear person's name! Bless her future O God! I ask of You in Jesus mighty name I pray, Amen.


    Sister, I know what you are facing, I have faced a monster similar to him.Only thing is we weren't in any form of relation , he got rejected by me and he couldn't carry his rejected face before the people so he piled up lies against me so that he could look better before the world and I would be the wrong person, he is a weak man fighting a girly war, he has resorted to lies as a refuge and is trying to win this one point and to somehow cause me to surrender and succumb and feel defeated and in his wickedness he tried taking help of all possible wicked's available for him, he is fighting a girly war,he cannot live with truth. But I believe the the Eternal Father is my refuge, my fortress and nothing that he and his evil wicked monstrous friend's desire,plan against me will ever prevail, my God is a mighty warrior and he will fight for me and crush the heads of all these serpents that has risen against me.

    Make God your stronghold and ask God to break all the power of wickedness and lies, May God help you, and also me.

    I have prayed for you.God will never forsake his image and His creation, He is with you in this,make him you strength.

    God be with you.