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Triggering posts - How about...PLEASE READ

Discussion in 'Trauma, PTSD & Dissociation' started by Nutella, Jul 28, 2007.

  1. Nutella

    Nutella New Member

    I think here are many of us who would like to talk about what they have experienced and that they are going through.

    I think that we should warn other readers if we write about something that could trigger (do you know what I mean?). As all off us know, this is a very sensitive subject. We should think about others here that are not doing as well as we do:).

    Maybe we could post a ****COULD TRIGGER**** (or something like that) with the title of post that we think could trigger others and make them feel even worst than they already do.

    What do you think about this idea?:idea:

    God bless you
  2. CharlieGee

    CharlieGee Pink lady and proud!

    I am a member of a support forum and on there if the OP thinks the post is too graphic or could trigger someone they put a **TRIG** warning at the end of the title... or **SA** (sexual assult) **SI** (self injury) **SU** (suicide)

    hope that isnt too confusing... but yes i think it is a good idea xx
  3. Patrina

    Patrina Guest

    I always forget to do that

    Thanks for the reminder
  4. Tangeloper

    Tangeloper Happy New Year!

    Hi everyone :wave:,

    I'm new to CF, and new to this board. [I'm a survivor of childhood physical, sexual and emotional abuse (my adoptive father), and a survivor of sexual assault (5 yrs. ago).]

    I for one would appreciate if people would put a trigger warning in the titles of the threads and/or posts.

    I'm in a pretty good place right now, but I have my moments and days where hearing someone else's stories might not be a great idea. I'm sure you all understand what I mean.

    Thanks for bringing this up, as I was wondering whether you all did that on this board.

    I look forward to getting to know all of you better as well!

    Take care & God bless you and yours,

    ~~ Tangeloper
  5. .Sabre.

    .Sabre. Aliens ate my custom title. Supporter

    Yeah, being in recovery myself, I think it's a great idea to put the warning there. Sometimes I have days when I am reasonable, but others....well....I might feel really bad and could get worse by reading about certain things.
  6. Nutella

    Nutella New Member


    I do too:)
  7. ForAMomentIWillFly

    ForAMomentIWillFly Just your everyday superhero :/

    Trigger warnings would be good...
  8. PureLove

    PureLove Active Member

    Your thoughfullness is beautiful
    thank you becuase yes Ive been scared but want to read, mnaybe talk eventually
    :hug: to u all

  9. Pats

    Pats I'll take that comment with a grain of salt

    Has anyone thought about adding this idea to the appropriate wiki?
  10. Nutella

    Nutella New Member

    You know....I'm still so new here that I don't even know what wiki is? :D
    I would do it otherwise.
  11. Akathist

    Akathist Theology Team Supporter

    Eastern Orthodox
    If someone starts a thread and forgets to do this you can ask a staff member to edit your title.

    also, if some thing someone posts is very likely to trigger you can click on "report" and staff as a team will look it over for you.

    Here is a list to the Recovery wiki area: http://foru.ms/forumdisplay.php?f=774-recovery-forums-wiki.html

    We have on our guidelines now that nothing can be too graphic and mention the issue of "triggers" but feel free to see if we need something different.

    At the top of every Recovery forum area is a sticky of the lastest official Recovery forum guidelines. We find staff are the most involved in this and we would love more member's input in the wiki area.

    I know right now we are waiting to get a big edit of the guidelines approved and they are much more simple and streamlined.
  12. shirlslife

    shirlslife Newbie

    great idea ...
    I am a member of another forum and trigger warnings work and work well.