The Key to God`s Timing for Israel.

Marilyn C

Dec 26, 2013
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Now I believe the key to God`s timing for Israel (& thus us) is the 15th of Adar, their National Deliverance Celebration. This is seen in Esther 9: 21, the Feast of Purim. (Note in Jerusalem it is on the 15th of Adar.)

Hope you can follow this time line.

1,260 days of A/C ruling. (Rev. 13: 5, forty-two months)

1,290 days from A/C to temple cleansed. (Dan. 12: 11)

1,335 days (1,290 + 30 + 15) to 15th Adar for National deliverance. (Dan. 12: 12)

On a Jewish Calendar we have each year the months of -

(12th month) 15th Adar Feast of Purim - National Deliverance

(11th month) Shevat - New year of trees. (note the living waters from the mount of Olives when Jesus comes will make the trees to grow again. Ez. 47: 12)

(10th month) Tevet - Dedication of the Temple. (Dan. 12: 11 & 8: 14) Torah reading is `Va`eira` meaning God appears.

(9th month) Kislev - Feast of Chanukah. This last for 8 days and will be when I believe that Lord will return in power and great glory to deliver Israel and bring vengeance upon the rebellious. It is the Festival of lights, and we know that Jesus is THE light of the world.

Interestingly at that time the Torah reading is `Vayigash,` meaning when Joseph will reveal himself to his brothers. How poignant for we know that the Lord will reveal Himself to His `brothers,` in Israel. (Zech. 12: 10)

Then on the Jewish calendar I count back from the end of Tevet, 7 years till I get to the date for the `Peace Treaty.` And that is the 23th Adar next year. Then on our calendar it is March 3rd. Obviously, the war will be before that and the rapture before that war.

Note: the Jewish Festivals are set but as their calendar is shorter than ours each year the dates can vary a bit. Every 3 years the Jewish calendar has a double Adar (last month) to `catch` up with the Solar Calendar. That is why our Easter dates change every year.

Hope that helps you understand my calculations. I found the Jewish site `Chad` very helpful for their calendar, Festivals and Torah readings.