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The Grades.

Discussion in 'College Life' started by Brooke4Jesus, Dec 31, 2006.

  1. Angelyka

    Angelyka Junior Member

    I did not do so well this semester. I am praying that I do very well this semester coming up. I am going to aim for at least a 3.0 (I have a lot of hard science courses).:prayer:
  2. OCUreligionmajor2010

    OCUreligionmajor2010 Member

    3.96 5 A's 1 B
  3. SarahlovesChrist

    SarahlovesChrist Active Member

    I got a 3.27 this semester, 3 A's, a B and one C :thumbsup:
  4. david594

    david594 Regular Member

    3.0 ... now if only i could remember what I took this semester.....

    Operating Systems. C (I had a 79 average :( )
    Contemporary Political though. B
    Community Communications Development, A (and independent study)
    Database Systems, P (cause I chose to pass/fail the course instead of a GPA affecting grade which would have been a B somewhow)

    My college doesnt have grade modifiers so its an A, B, C, D, or F so no plusses or minuses on any of your grades. It makes things less competetive amoung students. You can do an assignment and be content with it being good enough because getting a 90 in the class is just as good as a 100. Or taking a final and knowing that a 40 on it will get you a B in the course and no matter how hard you try an A is impossible.
  5. servant4ever

    servant4ever Servant of Jesus Christ

    well, I got a 3.00, first semester in graduate school, so I'm pleased, better than my undergrad grades! :D
  6. AmandaT

    AmandaT Regular Member

    This was my first semester. I got a 4.0. In my two classes that were pass/fail, I passed. And then in my other 5 classes I got A's.
  7. Shyguyelite

    Shyguyelite Purple Belt TKD

    Physical Chemistry - C
    Physical Chemistry Lab - C
    Intermediate Korean - B+
    U.S. Population Issues - B+

    Total GPA: 2.91

    An improvement of 0.01
    I am furious beyond belief. I was 20 or so points away from a B in Physical Chemistry, which in that professor's class amounts to ONE true false question.

    A single coin flip... had I 'guessed' otherwise, I would've gotten a B. Also, I reversed the signs to a problem. In real life, if you reverse the signs in a calculation, a patient dies. However this was a test for God's sake. 0 credit. I look back at all the tests and its ridiculous the amount of stupid crap grumble grumble grumble, I could've been fightin' for an A grumble grumble.

    And US Population issues. I KNEW I SHOULDN'T have written a lil 'joke' answer. In the US, it seems Asians 'climb' the ladder faster among minority groups. I wrote something to the effect "Thats because if we get a B+ or worse, our parents slay us". So she gave me a B+!!!! I cannot believe this.

    Not one God dang A. Of course, its all my fault, though I'm still not sure whether she gave me a B+ just for kicks. Any way the B+ is a reference to a YouTube video "Crazy Asian Mother by Erick Liang", watch it, you'll learn something about Asians and report cards.

    However, to make myself feel better, please tell me your schools, so I can compare and contrast, etc., and judge you all.

    After all, we are defined by our grades correct?

    So it would be nice to know where your grades are coming from.

    And now I can define you all by a number; your GPA.

    Hostilities aside, I am tired of my crap transcript.

    Whats really amusing is I can never go back and get a better college GPA. This will always be with me. In short, its irreversible. I have closed many doors and opportunities, and many doors and opportunities have been closed just by who I am.

    On the flip side, many doors and opportunities have been opened by who I am, and though my GPA has closed some doors, it may have opened others as well, some that neither you nor I can ever know. On the outside, it will simply be a lower paying job, however I think theres more to this than meets the eye.

    I would like to think so, any way. What does God do to a man who he has 'planned' to be a doctor? What if this man fails all his classes? Is God then in trouble? Infallibility destroyed? Or are we all creatures of free will with no fate?

    I personally am tired of my judgmental attitude when it comes to grades and college. I cannot seem to shake it. Is this fate? God's plan? Or is it sin. My 'own' problem?

    Tell me, why are we in college? We are following the same route as everyone else, and that is a road that leads to money and a life of comfort. The only difference is we will give money to organizations and meet up with other people every Sunday. Ok ok. Theres a worlds difference you can make, however am I the only one who sees my fate in front of me?

    I tire of the rat race, and I'm not even in it.

    Oh well. At least my school won the national basketball/football championships.

    Booyah and your high GPA's.

    Defining people by numbers. Its the only way to separate the weak from the strong, those doomed to low wages and those blessed with high wages. GPA, and various tests are valuable in quickly processing people in this high paced, consumer world. So naturally I am irate that via a number I've created with my own hands, I will be put into a subservent position.

    However all this mud slinging 'works' only if I view success as worldy success. That is, getting a fine job that pays well and living in comfort. I can not judge what is success in God's eyes, but right now I am following a track that does not require God, and that is one that everyone else is following:


    Would I be typing this if my transcript were all A's? Undoubtedly not. I would've proudly typed my grades in all my pride, and if someone posted something like this, I would've thought "slacker/idiot/etc." while politely typing "Oh, its OK! A few bad grades won't kill you"

    Humans are predictable creatures. Stick a knife into one, and he'll want it pulled out. Put a piece of delicious cake in front of him, and he'll eat. However, things get complex after a human being has lived for 20, 40, 60 years, and under differing circumstances (most people would want a knife pulled out at any age, though). Incredibly complex.

    Would I trade my GPA for yours? No. Then you would have a piece of shazbot GPA.

    I'll take this moment to pause and say that, yes, other people may have worse GPA's and would murder for mine. Lets go on assuming that 2.91 is baseline zero.

    There is a price to pay for everything. Everything. Nothing is free. Your free lunch cost someone. Your free lunch was made from materials that were created from the earth. From atoms. It required energy. There is no free lunch. At the very least, it caused the entropy of the entire universe to remain the same, or increase.

    So what differentiates people with 4.0 GPAs and people like me? There are tons of self help books for sale. Tons of motivational speakers. Books books, celebrities, etc.. They have the answers. I have my own which are fatalistic. Or rather, they follow a logical sequence of events and probability.

    What is intelligence? What is this college life? It does not require God. I go to Friday night 'bible study', church on Sunday. In reality I am following the motions; as soon as I leave church, its back to academics, which do not require God.

    In any case, it doesn't matter. UF won the basket/football championship in the same season. Booyah.

    A new semester has begun. Hell repeats. Repeating the same thing, college, gives the same result, college.
  8. krick

    krick PHI 4:9

    3.4 I was kinda of disapointed I dont think I did so well on some of my finals.
  9. Love&Pain

    Love&Pain Love Your Enemies

    I got an B in statistics and a B in beginning painting. :D
  10. BoarderDave

    BoarderDave SoCal Beachaholic

    An A, a B+, and a B. Cumulative GPA for my bachelors degree so far is 3.7. Only 10 more months left. ;)
  11. Matt.9:22

    Matt.9:22 I've got mustard seed faith!

    3.8 (four As and a B). It's my junior year, but my GPA started over when I transferred.
  12. Zimfan

    Zimfan Well-Known Member

    Finally got a B last semester, dropping my GPA to a
    3.949. Ah well, only one more semester to go, so I guess it doesn't matter any more. :p
  13. arunma

    arunma Flaming Calvinist

    You know, us normal folks really hate people like you. ^_^

    Actually I shouldn't talk, since there are people who hate me too (I once offended someone by saying "oh man, I only got a 3.4"). I guess this is God's little way of keeping us all humble.
  14. pbft87

    pbft87 carpe diem

    This past quarter I got 4 A's and 1 B....a 3.8 I was super happy! I pray that this quarter goes as well.

    Keep up the good work everyone! Sounds like we have some smart cookies among us. :)
  15. Aisynia

    Aisynia Regular Member

    I don't even know what a 3.0 look like right now....Finished with a 2.63 this past semester. This semester is looking good because I'm loving most of the classes I'm in.
  16. Zimfan

    Zimfan Well-Known Member

    If it helps any I have 5 more credit hours than normal this semester and I'm still working as many hours as ever so it might be going down before I graduate. :cool:
  17. MrsSeptemberPenguin

    MrsSeptemberPenguin Contributor Supporter

    Christian Seeker
    I'm happy, I got all A's outside of the Organic chem class that I withdrew from. Hope everyone's semesters went well.