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Should Christians go to the Beach?

Discussion in 'Christian Philosophy & Ethics' started by Everlasting33, Oct 25, 2006.

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  1. Dannager

    Dannager Back in Town

    I just spent about a minute and a half reading your avatar. It's mesmerizing.
  2. Chie

    Chie A wise King finds happiness in acts of mercy

    This depends on the person same as in anything we do in our life. If it causes someone to sin, then it is best for them not to do it, but that don't mean it effects all like that and its a bad thing.
    But even at this, we know what offends us, but we are to know what offends our brother as well, just out of respect for one another is part of being a christian. It don't mean he is right and your wrong or vise-a-verse-a.
    (why would this be addressed just to men, women are just as bad as men)
  3. TheLark

    TheLark New Member

    Just to spark a bit more discussion... Would the anwser be different for any of you if it were a topless beach? Just curious... I grew up mostly living in Europe as a missionary kid and we couldn't go anywhere with water without naked or half naked women not to mention the speedos everywhere. It bugged our whole family quite a bit, not being able to have fully family friendly beaches.
  4. Writer before God

    Writer before God Humbled before my king

    your avatar is mesmerizing
  5. britlady

    britlady Newbie

    I think the TheLark is in danger of opening up an old debate which usually divides on cultural lines between the US and Europe. To me, living in Europe, a topless beach IS a family-friendly beach.
  6. Tinker Grey

    Tinker Grey Wanderer

    I have a friend (a she) who grew up in Bosnia and is now a naturalized US citizen.

    They had an interesting code of conduct WRT the beach. If you (a girl) were going with your girlfriends to the beach, you may all go topless or whatever. If you ran into guy friends, this would be okay. However, if your outing included guys that were going with you, then all the girls would wear their tops. I never queried her for an explanation, but I'd guess that it was about signalling your intentions. If you ran across someone while topless, nothing was expected. If you came with a boy topless, well then!

    For me, its "when in Rome". If you're uncomfortable as a guy, don't go. If you're uncomfortable as a girl, then by all means, wear your top.

    I don't believe there is anything inherently wrong with toplessness. It's cultural. In the USA, in general, we have a thing about it. In general, we observe norms. Therefore I don't recommend that Christians ride the cutting edge of cultural norms.
  7. Naomi4Christ

    Naomi4Christ not a nutter Supporter

    Only if they want to :)
  8. dayhiker

    dayhiker Mature veteran

    In Relationship
    I agree with the topless beach thing is a cultural thing. I don't see anything inheriently wrong with being topless or seeing another person topless.

    Each person should know themselves and what will cause them problems or temptations.

    Since the superbowl is coming up, I'll illustate my personal view wth the Janet Jackson ward robe malfunction. I was watching the half time show. As I was listing to the song sung, I was upset with the message of that song in the way it spoke of women being treated. When her breast was exposed, that didn't bother me at all. Then I read about the reaction of Christians. They were upset about the breast, God's creation. While the words of disrespect to woman were hardly comdemned at all. To me we have this all backwards.

  9. SallyNow

    SallyNow Blame it on the SOCK GNOMES!

    They were fully family friendly beaches. However, those families had learned to seperate nudity from sex... they could understand that the human body isn't just a sexual toy. They look at a person, clothed or nude, and see a person.

    Exactly! The issue isn't so much the amount of skin showing, but the attitude. A bunch of people in the water doing Aquasice classes in bathing suits and with waterwings on isn't sexy... but those same people, fully clothed, but posing and acting in a sexual manner, is sexual.
  10. mooduck1

    mooduck1 Senior Member

    I guess this would be a personal rather than universal issue. If seeing hunky men in speedos or Beautiful women in thongs leads you to sin then you shouldn't go to the beach..But remember that nudity is not evil. God made Man and Woman (and he made them naked) and they were Good. Rememeber that the only reason you look at a man on the beahc lustfully (if you do) is because of origianl sin, NOT nudity.
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