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    If you have spiritual issues related to a mental health and recovery issue, please use the Recovery Related Spiritual Advice forum. This forum is designed to be like Christian Advice, only for recovery type of issues. Recovery being like a family in many ways, allows us to support one another together. May you be blessed today and each day.

    Kristen.NewCreation and FreeinChrist

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Statement of Purpose Recovery Guidelines Updated 6/2/13

Discussion in 'Pregnancy & Gynecological Issues' started by I'ddie4him2, Jan 21, 2009.

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  1. I'ddie4him2

    I'ddie4him2 Prince of Id, Matt's dad, Tatted saint, Got ink ??

    Recovery Guidelines

    The site wide rules give the outline for what is and what is not acceptable in the Recovery, Mental Health, and Physical Health forums. These Forum-specific guidelines clarify those rules specifically for this area of the site.

    Recovery is a place for member peer support and advice, not as a substitute for professional care, nor a place for ethical/moral discussions.

    Recovery Staff feel very strongly that members need to seek out real life licensed professional services and local pastoral care in addition to asking for support and advice here.

    These things are considered off topic and will not be allowed in the Recovery forums:

      • Promoting yourself as an expert
      • Diagnosing anyone's symptoms
      • Offering treatment of any kind to other members
      • Prescribing/promoting medications of any kind, including over the counter remedies
      • Discouraging someone from taking prescribed medications, using or seeking professional services, using hotlines or crisis lines.
      • Ethical and moral discussions. Other areas of Christian Forums deal with these topics.
      • Any posts dealing with spiritual warfare will be removed. Insinuating that members are possessed or that their health issues are demonic is not permitted.
      • Asking or requesting that members engage in research topics or volunteer as research subjects, or directing web-traffic to another site for this purpose is not acceptable.
    Endorsement of certain topics - This is not allowed and staff will remove any posts which endorse any of the following topics.

      • abortion
      • drug abuse
      • extramarital or premarital sexual activity
      • gambling
      • homosexuality
      • polygamy
      • transsexuality

    Recovery is a place people come to stop doing these things and using the Christian faith to help cope with problems. Other areas of CF can be used for discussions of many of these topics including, in some cases, endorsement of them. Included in this rule is posting triggers to self harmful behaviors.
    Over the Counter & Alternative Remedies

      • Over the counter remedies can interact with prescription medications. Because of that, do not recommend what someone should take, including alternative medications. Limit discussion to your experience with a medication.
      • Cannabis (Marijuana) is an illegal drug with much controversy, as it is legal in some areas for medical purposes only. If you live in an area where it is legal, you may find more information on it from your physician. Discussion to promote it as an alternative drug not permitted in the recovery area as this should be addressed with your physician.
    Harmful or hurtful posts:
    Recovery staff will remove posts or threads that we think could be harmful in any way to any member or group of members, Even if the post or thread might not be intentionally harmful.
    Recovery staff will edit or remove posts that we see as being a trigger for someone who is trying to stop doing some behavior. For example, a post that might trigger someone to self injure or a trigger for people with eating disorders.

    Because of the risk of triggering suicidal thoughts in others, we remove threats and/or endorsement of suicide. This includes posting that another member others know have killed him/herself. If you are having thoughts about suicide but have no immediate plans or intentions your posts may be able to show.

    We want to allow you to have support from others but we must be careful not to have posts that might trigger others. Staff will err on the side of safety and caution for other members in these situations. Please utilize local professional services such as calling 911, going to the emergency room or to a local medical clinic.

    When Staff remove these suicidal posts or self harm posts of any kind from view we are trying to encourage the members to seek professional services in their local area and provide phone numbers to local crisis lines if available.
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