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Prayers for the Departed

Discussion in 'The Chapel - Catholic' started by nyj, Jul 1, 2003.

  1. Aaron-Aggie

    Aaron-Aggie Legend

    O my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of Hell, lead all souls to Heaven, especially those who are in most need of Thy mercy
  2. Avila

    Avila Boohoo moomoo, cebu

    Jane K. Hartley, great-aunt to my DH and great lady, d. September 25, 2003
  3. ukok

    ukok Freaked out, insecure, neurotic and Emotional

    dearly missed and much loved friends and family members,

    Elizabeth - my paternal grandmother
    Albert - ( who i never met) my paternal grandfather
    Ivy - my maternal grandmother
    Sidney - (who i never met) my maternal grandfather
    Susan M - my friend
    Maureen - a much loved family friend
    June - my greatly missed and wonderful aunt
  4. BAChristian

    BAChristian Discerning the Diaconate. Please pray for me.

    my father-in-law, Jim.
  5. Dawn Marie

    Dawn Marie Soda for Wine

    My Aunt Toni - September 29th, 2003. :cry:
  6. blessed2

    blessed2 Active Member

    Beautiful example of Christian love and charity.
    Count my prayers in.
  7. blessed2

    blessed2 Active Member

    I'm not catholic but if we can pray for the dead, please pray for my grandmother. She was the only person that I knew loved me.
  8. ProCommunioneFacior

    ProCommunioneFacior I'm an ultra-traditionalist, run for your life ;)

    Please pray for the following:

    My grandmother Ethel Riffee
    My grandgather Arliff Riffee
    My aunt Wanda Rogers
    My great uncle John Murphy
    Fr. Marcel
  9. thereselittleflower

    thereselittleflower Well-Known Member

    For my aunt Elaine
    For my uncle George
    for my FIL Wayne
  10. Aaron-Aggie

    Aaron-Aggie Legend

  11. Cat59

    Cat59 Just me

    United Kingdom
    For my Uncle Denis, who died earlier today
  12. jukesk9

    jukesk9 Dixie Whistlin' Papist

    For Kevin "Tiny" Bodenstein. May God grant him Eternal Life. My dear, dear friend.
  13. MariaRegina

    MariaRegina Well-Known Member

    Eastern Orthodox
    Very Reverend Father John Reinhold

    who fell asleep in the Lord on Friday, December 12, 2003

    May his memory be eternal.
  14. MariaRegina

    MariaRegina Well-Known Member

    Eastern Orthodox
    Pray for Mrs. Isabel Harleston, a devout Catholic of Charleston.
    Funeral is on Monday, December 15, 2003.
  15. jmbasque

    jmbasque Member

    Please pray for:
    Vincent Bissonnette
    André Filion
    Jean Pépin
    Bertrand Bérubé
    Philippe Paradis
    Réal Paradis
    Sylvio Dugal
    Florent Asselin
    Yvon Albert
    Butch Boucher
    Ben Auger
  16. MariaRegina

    MariaRegina Well-Known Member

    Eastern Orthodox
  17. cindylou

    cindylou Member

    My father-in-law, William J. Willmot, who died last night, New Year's Eve.
    May his soul rest in peace.
  18. Credo

    Credo broken

    Please pray for Dennis Hughley, who died a week before Christmas, 2003.

    And remember his wife, Mary, and 4 young children who survived him, as they'll need prayers now more than ever.
  19. pax

    pax Veteran

    For John, a member of my local community who recently passed away...

    Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord and let the perpetual light of your love shine upon them. May they rest in peace. AMEN
  20. Aaron-Aggie

    Aaron-Aggie Legend


    -- Father Dieudonné Mvuezolo-Tovo from Congo, coordinator for Catholic schools in Bas province, Congo, shot dead on March 11 by a man in military uniform on the Tshimpi Matadi Road.
    -- Father Nelson Gómez Bejarano from Colombia, 52, parish priest of the Shrine of the Miraculous Medal Parish in Armenia, Colombia. Killed on March 22 by robbers.

    -- Father Martin Macharia Njoroge from Kenya, 34, died on April 11 in a hospital in Nairobi from injuries inflicted by robbers on the city outskirts. The robbers forced him to get out of his car and then fired several shots at him. They escaped with his car, which they abandoned a short distance away. He was in charge of St. Francis Xavier Parish at Parklands. A brother of his, also a priest, was killed in 2000.

    -- Father Raphael Ngona from Congo was shot dead May 6 on the premises of Bunia diocesan offices where he was living temporarily, having been appointed parish priest at Drodro.

    -- Three seminarians were kidnapped in Lachor, Uganda (in the Archdiocese of Gulu) during the night of May 10 and subsequently killed. Altogether, 41 boys were abducted by Lord's Resistance Army rebels. Some escaped, and the rest are believed to be still held by the rebels.

    -- Father Aimé Njabu and Father Francois Xavier Mateso, from Congo, were found dead on May 10 in Nyakasanza parish, on the outskirts of Bunia. Father Njabu was slain with a machete and Father Mateso was shot dead in the parish compound. A number of parishioners were also found dead.

    -- Father Jairo Garavito, 36, of Colombia, was killed May 15 by a group of delinquents who broke into the parish house at Yerbabuena di Chia, in the Cundinamarca region. He died of suffocation after being beaten, gagged and bound.

    -- Franciscan Father Manus Campbell, of Ireland, was killed May 21 by robbers who broke into the parish in the outskirts of Durban, South Africa. A member of the Order of Friars Minor, he had been a missionary in South Africa for 45 years.

    -- Ana Isabel Sánchez Torralba, 22, of Spain, was on her first mission abroad as a member of the Calasanziano Voluntary Missionary group, when she was killed in Mongomo, Equatorial Guinea, on July 1 during a police raid.

    -- Father George Ibrahim, 38, of Pakistan, was shot dead at dawn July 5 by armed men who broke into his parish dedicated to Our Lady of Fatima at Renala Khurd, in the Okara district.

    -- Capuchin Father Taddeo Gabrieli, 73, of Italy, stabbed to death July 19 at Imperatriz, Brazil, by a person he was trying to assist. The person apparently was under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The priest had devoted his life to evangelization.

    -- Comboni Missionary Father Mario Mantovani, 84, of Italy, and Comboni Brother Godfrey Kiryowa, 29, of Uganda, were shot dead Aug. 14 on the road between Capeto and Kotido, Uganda, by cattle thieves. Father Mantovani had assisted lepers in Uganda for 45 years.

    -- Father Alphonse Kavendiambuku of the Matadi Diocese, in Congo, killed Aug. 26 at Kavuaya, by five former military men who attacked the car in which the priest and another two passengers were traveling.

    -- Father Lawrence Oyuru, parish priest at Ocero, in the Soroti Diocese in Uganda, was killed with 25 other people in an ambush staged by Lord's Resistance Army rebels on the Soroti-Manasale road on Sept. 1.

    -- Father William de Jesús Ortez, 32, born in Jucuapa, El Salvador, was parish priest at the cathedral in the Santiago de Maria Diocese. He was shot dead inside the cathedral Oct. 5. The sacristan, Jaime Noel Quintanilla, 23, was also shot dead.

    -- Annalena Tonelli, 63, of Italy, a voluntary medical worker, was shot dead Oct. 5 as she left the hospital she herself had opened and where she had cared for the local people for 33 years at Borama, Somalia.

    -- Father Sanjeevananda Swami, 52, of India, died of wounds inflicted by aggressors in Belur Kolar district, in the Bangalore Diocese, on Oct. 7.

    -- Father Saulo Carreño, 38, of Colombia, parish priest at Saravena, was shot dead in his car Nov. 3. Maritza Linares, a hospital worker traveling with him, was also killed, probably by outlaws fighting for control of this oil-rich area, near Sarare hospital on the Saravena-Fortul road.

    -- Father Henry Humberto López Cruz, 44, a parish priest at Villavicencio, was stabbed to death in the parish house during the night of Nov. 3. His body, tied to a chair, was found the next day by a cleaning woman.

    -- Father José Rubín Rodríguez, 51, of Colombia, parish priest at La Salina, Casanare, was kidnapped Nov. 14 and murdered in the rural area of Tame. His body was found Nov. 21.

    -- Father José Maria Ruiz Furlan, 69, of Guatemala, shot dead Dec. 14 at his parish in a poor district of Guatemala City. He was known to be a passionate human rights activist who worked to improve the living conditions of the poor.

    -- Father Anton Probst, 68, of Germany, a Claretian missionary, was killed after Christmas Eve Mass at a novitiate in Akono, Cameroon. He was returning to his room when he met with thieves who gagged and bound him and beat him to death.

    -- Archbishop Michael Courtney, 58, of Ireland, apostolic nuncio in Burundi, was mortally wounded in his car during an ambush on Monday at Minago. ZE04010103