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Prayers for my Mum please

Discussion in 'Oncology (Cancer Support)' started by Eagle Of Oz, Sep 9, 2013.

  1. Eagle Of Oz

    Eagle Of Oz ..

    Hi everyone.

    My Mum is 64 years old, and a couple of months ago, during an xray, a tumour the size of a grapefruit was found in her lung. She was a smoker all her life until about 8 years ago, when she had a health scare. She gave up cold turkey, and apart from some damage to her lungs causing her to be short of breath at times, she has been going fine.

    After a barrage of tests, the medical team decided it was too risky to operate to remove the tumour, due to high risk of her dying during the actual surgery, or complications during recovery afterwards.

    They decided to do chemo and radiation, with the goal to hopefully shrink it. She has had a week of chemo and radiation, then 4 weeks of radiation, and has just finished another week of chemo and radiation.

    She had been doing really well, apart from the usual skin problems due to the radiation, plus the loss of her hair, which naturally we all expected. I got a phone call tonite to say shes been taken to hospital. Lots of vomiting, nausea and diarrhea, plus she has picked up a cold. Not good when her immunity is so low.

    I havnt been able to see her since before she started her treatment, due to me having two chest infections and colds, and we couldnt risk her catching it off me. Been tough not being able to even see her during her treatment. :(

    Have just had a fone call from my sister. Mum has had to be taken to hospital. Her immunity is really low, the chemo/radiation has hit her hard this week.

    Please pray for her, particularly for her Salvation.

    I wasnt sure if if I should post this in this section, or the Prayer Section of the forums. Please shift it if its not the right place.
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  2. dogs4thewin

    dogs4thewin dog lover Supporter CF Ambassadors

    United States
    I will pray. The good thing is that she actually gave up smoking eight years ago ( which I have heard lowers your risk of getting cancer and/or maybe making it easier to treat if cought early. I will pray.
  3. jannikitty

    jannikitty Jesus--the window to God.

    United States
    Surely will be praying.

    I am a cancer survivor of 24 years..and also went through 6 mos. of chemo. God was with me throughout the whole time. Immunity is a big issue and so good you don't contact her when you have a cold or anything catching. Obviously she picked hers up somewhere else. After she comes home she'll have to stay away from crowds, etc. so to protect against getting another cold or virus. At least right after each treatment.

    Best thing you can do is continue to pray and encourage her. And, of course, trust God to be leading her to receive salvation.

    There is a section on prayer requests on the top which is for those who have cancer or loved ones who have cancer to receive prayers. You could post a request there where more will likely see it and be praying for her.

  4. Eagle Of Oz

    Eagle Of Oz ..

    Thanks so much, ALLorNOTHINGatall4CHRIST! :hug:

    Thanks, jannikitty. :hug: I posted this in the prayer section as well.

    When they first admitted her to hospital earlier this week, they had heaps of issues at first getting the I.V's in due to the dehydration. It also gave out once, and they ended up having to get the doctor to do it, with an anesthetic.

    I spoke to her this morning, and she is sounding much brighter. Everything is going smoothly now. Pumping heaps of fluid and antibiotics into her, and tomorrow she will be getting three blood transfusions. She had even managed to eat a piece of toast, and a Weetbik for breakfast this morning! :clap: Thank you Lord!!
  5. Krissy Cakes

    Krissy Cakes Well-Known Member Supporter

    Praying for your mum. :prayer: Cancer SUCKS! :(
  6. brinny

    brinny everlovin' shiner of light in dark places Supporter

  7. Eagle Of Oz

    Eagle Of Oz ..


    Fanks, brinny. (((hugs)))
  8. Eagle Of Oz

    Eagle Of Oz ..


    Fanks Kwissy. (((hugs)))
  9. Grat1tude4Life

    Grat1tude4Life Newbie

    praying for your mum and for a successful cancer treatment!
  10. Nathan22

    Nathan22 New Member

    Prayers to your mom and her family. Keep strong!
  11. TheyCallMeDave

    TheyCallMeDave At your service....

    I shall pray for her and you. Chemo drugs are very potent as I know full well. I hope she does better on them .
  12. rockytopva

    rockytopva Love to pray! :) Supporter

    Father I pray blessings on this request and for the healing of this condition and comfort for the family in Jesus name I pray. Also taking these needs before God in prayer on the 1:15PM bbnradio.org Family Altar program.

    @ 1:40 in the video below... Father in the name of Jesus I pray for those that never did get their request in. Those that have unsaved loved ones I bind the forces of hell in the name of Jesus, those that are sick and diseased and afflicted... Stretch forth that healing hand of Calvary... Touch them from the crown of their head to the soles of their feet... Save every member of their family I pray. Let that resurrection power of Jesus Christ come alive! In the name of Jesus meet the financial needs... Lord I see a lot of mail here from prisoners behind bars. I am asking you to touch their lives, save them and heal them and deliver them and set them free. Use them there in that prison house to bring others at the foot of the cross... In the name of Jesus Satan we bind you... We command you to take your hands off of God's property. Lord, you said that whatever we bind on earth you'll bind it in heaven... What ever we loose on Earth you will loose it in heaven... I loose the people! I loose the people! In the name of Jesus calling the miracle working power of Jesus Christ alive... Amen and Amen!- Your Power Preacher, RW Schambach

  13. Zurückschlagen

    Zurückschlagen Weiß und Blau

    I hope she gets better! Prayers.