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Praise God for an amazing year!

Discussion in 'Praise Reports' started by Boss_BlueAngels, Dec 10, 2019.

  1. Boss_BlueAngels

    Boss_BlueAngels Life is better when you're flying upside down.

    United States
    2019 has been full of excitement and joy. New career for me that has been absolutely amazing. I can't wait for each day to start and actually look forward to Mondays! My wife and I had our first child in July and are now finally getting some regular (4-6 hours) sleep. I love my job but my ultimate dream job just became available, which I'm applying for within the same company. Win-win... if I don't get it I am super happy with where I am. If I do get it I get to sit in the back seat of some old fighter jets. We have been able to move to safer neighborhood and replaced my old, broken down car with a much newer and safer one.

    10 years of depression, anguish, and pain have come to an end. Thank you, Jesus!
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  2. Gottservant

    Gottservant God loves your words, may men love them also Supporter

    Your post inspired me in the Holy Spirit, to thank God for the year to come before it happened!

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  3. Martyr's Crown

    Martyr's Crown Sunflower Jewel

    I am very happy for you! That you see year 2019 as such a great year! Being thankful toward God is always great, and helps you to set your focus on the right way.

    Keep on rejoicing in God! He takes care of your family, and of your every situation. As long as it is given to Him, and you seek Him and spend time with Him daily. It pleases God when we want to have Him with us during a whole day.

    God keep on blessing you and your family!