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Persona and other random games

Discussion in 'Gamers Zone' started by Discussdocs, Aug 14, 2019.

  1. Discussdocs

    Discussdocs druth

    United States
    Is anyone here familiar with the Persona series? I enjoy the religious themes and symbolism that make up the story of the games. If anyone has extra time and money I would recommend.

    For those who aren't familiar, the latest game, Persona 5, deals with a lot of Gnostic themes and symbolism that may be enjoyable to the Christian.

    For those who have played and would like to discuss which is your favorite game so far? What do you like about? For me each game is special and I would probably have to say that Persona 4 is my favorite even though I enjoy 3,4, and 5 very much.
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  2. Ignatius the Kiwi

    Ignatius the Kiwi Newbie

    Eastern Orthodox
    I've only ever played P5. Dabbled a bit in the others but couldn't be bothered completing them.

    I enjoyed the majority of Persona five but it's the ending that I disagreed with most and which soured my experience of the game. The whole theme of that game being about rebellion I could see it eventually coming to that point where you have to rebel against God and literally shoot him in the face. But remember, always listen to the proper Japanese authorities, don't rebel against them.

    It does seem mandatory for JRPGs to cram the kill God angle into their games. Never an accurate or thought out portrayal of the divine but an image of the divine akin to what edgy atheists believe. Have the Japanese made a game about killing all of their Shinto gods?
  3. Discussdocs

    Discussdocs druth

    United States
    Hey Ignatius. Yeah I got to say when I got to the ending it made me feel a certain way as well. The game deals with a lot of Gnostic themes so this reflects it. I did a some research on it and it seems in Gnostic literature the Demiurge is depicted as the evil one while Satanali is depicted as the one who is trying to help everyone. So while we understand there to be one True God the creators of the game are more so rifting off the Gnostic creator and Gnostic Satan.

    Going to the rebellion thing, I think it was good in a sense that they were rebelling against bad practices. I agree that the "good" that they are seeking is just another replacement of God. But that is how it goes I guess. I don't usually play these games to learn more about God or good Christian practice, but just to enjoy someone telling a story.

    Not sure about about Shinto because I am not really well informed about that religion, but I know of Asura's Wrath. I never played it. That game has to do with one down and out god fighting other big gods, which is akin to god of war I guess. I have been recently playing Okami, which has to do with Japanese religion, but you aren't necessarily killing Japanese gods I guess. Its actually kind of boring and I stopped playing.

    Sad to hear that you stopped playing P3 and P4. Did you play P5 first? P3 and P4 are some of my favorite. How early on did you quit?
  4. DuglasHoliday

    DuglasHoliday New Member

    United Kingdom
    Never heard of this games. I'm interested . Thank you!