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Pakistani Christian refugees

Discussion in 'Persecuted Christians' started by janwoG, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. janwoG

    janwoG My heart leads me to Messianic Judaism

    Who can inform me about a church sponsoring Christian Asylum Seekers in Canada. Or could a church also sponsor them in the USA. I know a young couple Shahid and Anam with a one year old son Naveed (names modified). They are living a very difficult life in Bangkok since October 2013 as illegal alien not permitted to work because Thailand refused to sign an agreement with UNHCR for refugee status. Both have been pressured to convert to Islam. Both have refused and have been beaten by Islamist. They proceed to accuse the husband for blasphemy, what compelled the couple to escape from Pakistan. They were interviewed by two Muslim translators (Pakistan government appointed people) at UNHCR who opposed then the refugee status. For instance, Anam the women said that problems started when she refused to convert. The interviewer replied just convert and problems solved.

    Members of the Evangelical Church Bangkok try to collect half the starting capital of 15000 $ and the church would contribute for the other half within the first year. Within that time they will manage to establish themselves for meeting their financial means.

    Please send me a message, if you know a church willing to take the sponsorship.