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Our Glorifying Trials!

Discussion in 'Salvation (Soteriology)' started by WordSword, Nov 24, 2020.

  1. WordSword

    WordSword Well-Known Member

    United States
    Even knowing for certain that God—without fail—always brings us successfully through every discouraging and discomforting difficulty, it doesn’t ease much of the “hardness” in what the trial brings. It can often shorten the soak-time when remembering all of this, but nothing is supposed to detract from the exact level of difficulty God tailor-fits for each believer and each trial (1Co 10:13). This is what produces in us a desire to maintain stable dependence on God and continue to receive ever-increasing conformity “to the image of His Son.”

    It is in how “patiently” (Rom 12:12) we “endure hardness” (2Ti 2:3) that indicates to ourselves the level of understanding in applying faith to His promise of causing them to benefit us (Rom 8:28). The manifestation of this promise is shown in our manner of “casting all you care on Him” (1Pe 5:7), by being convinced in the certainty of His assurance to us. He left us His “peace” (Jhn 14:27), and resting in it is trusting in Him, which represents the acme or pinnacle of it all, so that we will be more effectively used by Him!

    In our walk of encouragement we join with that “great cloud of witnesses” (Heb 12:1) whom went before us (Heb 11), as we “run with patience” by “looking unto Jesus.” Let us optimize our opportunities in exercising our faith in the trying times, and learn all the more of our gratitude and love to God in the peaceful times.

    Even though we will at times (even when often) be lost for thought, the Father keeps us “standing” in, and from “falling” from, the growth lessons—so dear—in our Lord Jesus Christ (Rom 14:4; Jde 1:24). May we also keep before us the following exhortation: that all believers, in heaven and earth, are literally united to one another and to the Father and Son—by the Holy Spirit—and thus are never truly alone!

    God Be Blessed!
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