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Kevin Costner = Bad Actor

Discussion in 'The Box Office' started by StuckRags, Aug 16, 2004.

  1. StuckRags

    StuckRags Guest

    I'm probably a little slow on the uptake, but I've just come to the realization that Kevin Costner is, in fact, a bad actor. I think what has kept me from this revelation is that I've had some preconceived notion that if you are a major star, you are a good actor. Uh-uh. He really stinks. He plays the same character everytime - if you can call that a "character." He always sounds like a 14-year-old teenager reading script. Close your eyes and listen to him next time you rent one of his videos - especially Robin Hood or Wyatt Earp.

    He's a fine example of how far you can get on looks and marketing.
  2. crossrunner

    crossrunner Serving the Lord joyfully since 1981!

    I gotta tell you, I've been thinking this for such a long time. His performance in Robin Hood Prince of Thieves was a felony. He talked in a bad English accent for half of the movie and his regular voice in the rest. The only two movies that he had great performances in was Dances with Wolves and Field of Dreams (one of my very favorites!).
  3. Dr Majestic

    Dr Majestic Regular Member

    Kevin Costner isnt a bad actor cause some of his films have went bad at the box office. He also isnt the best actor as well.

    He does have good ideas for his movies and has the character to make them, like waterworld and the postman even if they dont do well at the box office.

    Dances with Wolves is one of my best movies, the last time I watched a Kevin Costner move was a few weeks ago called Open Range directed by Kevin Costner and co staring Robert Duvall.

    Thats his latest at the moment if I am correct.

  4. oldrooster

    oldrooster Thank You Jerry

    Dances With Wolves was a great movie.....
  5. Glaz

    Glaz Obama '08

    Other Religion
    You can say he's a bad actor, but he's been in 3 of the classic films of the past 25 years: Dances With Wolves, Field Of Dreams, and The Untouchables. He was pretty good in all 3.
  6. theFijian

    theFijian Well-Known Member

    I must concur that Costner (or 'Fat Kev' as me and my friends call him) isn't the best of actors but having said that The Untouchables is a great film.
  7. kurabrhm

    kurabrhm Well-Known Member

    I don't think Costner is that bad really. I mean if you look at his performance in JFK, you'll see quite clearly how good he is in bringing 'gravitas' to a role. In JFK, the producers needed someone like Costner to give the feeling that the role he plays as an investigator should not be consigned to some very special person but any one can do it as long as he's interested in finding out the truth. I think a lot of AMericans wanted to find out the truth behind Kennedy's assasination. What Costner did in JFK was to convey that feeling to a global audience. It would not have worked if Tom Hanks were to do that role because that would be too pretentious.
  8. Glaz

    Glaz Obama '08

    Other Religion
    Yeah he was good in JFK too, I forgot about that one. And Bull Durham. Another classic.
  9. StuckRags

    StuckRags Guest

    You're sort of making my point that you don't have to be good to be successful in the film industry - any industry for that matter. I've had several managers in my industry that were not there because they were good.

    Certainly, Costner's one-trick-pony character depiction will fit quite nicely into some films. But he should stop doing roles that require eloquent vocabulary (Robin Hood, Wyatt Earp, etc.).
  10. Zoomer

    Zoomer Well-Known Member

    I definately think he is a mediocre actor but he has been in quite a few good movies.
  11. mina

    mina Brown Eyed girl

    I've always thought that. He was good in dances with wolves though and field of dreams. He just seems so stiff and wooden to me. Message in a bottle was by far the worst movie he has been in. I wanted to leave the theater. The movie wassn't that great to begin with, and his performance was just extra horrible.
  12. Brentley20

    Brentley20 New Member

    You know, a lot of people rag on Kevin Costner for being a horrible actor. I don't think it's true, I think he is just a very mediocre actor. That being said, he has been in a lot of great movies. I think he does well in epic type films were his character is kind of a solemn person, maybe a bit grim, and doesn't talk that much. Examples being Wyatt Earp, Dances with Wolves, and Open Range.

    This reminds me of the Family guy Episode where Chris says: "I haven't been this confused since I saw Waterworld" Then it flashes back to a clip of him walking out of the theater and he says in a sort of a tortured tone: "How does Kevin Costner keep getting work?!?!"
  13. MadeInOz

    MadeInOz Contributor

    I think the only movie that I have seen with him in it that was half decent was thirteen days... (about the cuban missile crisis)