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Keep "The Passion" alive!

Discussion in 'Messianic Judaism' started by patriarch, Mar 8, 2004.

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  1. Sephania

    Sephania Well-Known Member

    What, next we'll be told that Mel Gibson is greater than Billy Graham?:)
  2. patriarch

    patriarch Senior Member

    St. Paul determnined, "To know nothing among you except Jesus Christ, and Him crucified." And this has been the case for every truly great preacher who has ever lived, from the time of the apostles until now. For the sake of argument, and to get some distance, let's put this on Italian soil. St. Peter and St. Paul were there at the beginning, and since that time there have been numerous great preachers who had an enormous effect there, among them Anthony of Padua, Bernardine of Siena, Paul of the Cross and many, many others.

    Last week I saw a story to the effect that the number of prints of the film being sent to Italy was being upped from 150 to 500. Whatever else you might say about it, this film is a terrifically effective presentation of Christ crucified, and through this technology will be able to present to virtually all the people of Italy the essence of the Gospel in approximately a three week time frame. Not the pope, not Billy Graham, nor together with them all the previous preachers of italy if they were still alive today could even begin to approach either the intensity or the geographical dispersion of the gospel that this movie is able to accomplish.

    I doubt very much that Mel Gibson is greater than Billy Graham, but it's ironic beyond belief that Mel Gibson may actually turn out to be the most effective preacher of Christ crucified who has ever lived.
  3. P_G

    P_G Pastor - ד ע ה - The Lunch Lady

    Now I am itching brother

    What is your vote for the best movie of all history? :D
    I am just idly currious

    I would like to vote for Dr Zivago

    PG :wave:
  4. ShirChadash

    ShirChadash A Jew, by the grace and love of God. Come home!

    double post. ~sorry!~
  5. ShirChadash

    ShirChadash A Jew, by the grace and love of God. Come home!

    Oh my. :sigh:
  6. Knight

    Knight Knight of the Cross

    Don't know.....

    History is not finnished yet...... ;)
  7. iitb

    iitb a.k.a. insaneinthebrain

    This thread has become an interdenominational debate, which isn't allowed in this forum. Therefore, it is now closed.
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