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It's wrong, but so what....

Discussion in 'General Theology' started by Justme, Jun 24, 2002.

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  1. Justme

    Justme Senior Veteran


    What do you suppose causes people to cling forever to a false religion? false teaching?
    There are still people that won't accept that David Koresh was a farce. There are those who will swear forever that the TV faith healers actually cure those cripples every week and allow the cripple to leap from their wheel chair and dance around a stage.
    I remember the testimony of one lady telling of her back snapping back into place so loudly that a guy up in the back heard it. Think lady, was the next miracle the healing of all those deaf people in the front.

    Many people will tell you that believing the bible is a waste of time in the first place. What does believing it incorrectly do for you?

    The tradgety in New York occurred at least in part, because certain people could be convinced to believe a false doctrine of an offshoot of a major religion.
    There has definitely been some bad times from false ideas within christianity in the past; can it happen again. For instance is there any danger of someone wanting the 'end' to come so badly, they help it along somehow? You know, like some thousand thriller movies we've seen.
    I went back thru some old posts on these forums. One really caught my attention. One person made an obviously wrong statement followed by another posting of I would guess 50 bible verses proving him wrong. The only response was repeating the incorrect idea. These people insist on holding on to false teachings. How come?

    OR does religious belief provide certain comforts and safety zones regardless of correctness?

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  2. LouisBooth

    LouisBooth Well-Known Member

    "There has definitely been some bad times from false ideas within christianity in the past; can it happen again. "

    Nope, won't happen again if you actually read the bible in context. :) The greatest commandment is to love one another.
  3. psycmajor

    psycmajor self-Banned

    Here's an observation: I've allowed Jehovah's Witnesses to visit my house before. I noticed that it's like their whole lives are wrapped up in their religion. All their friends were in the church. If they left their church, they would have a lot to lose. What would they do with their time, who would they spend it with? If you leave, I'm not sure if you're allowed back in.
  4. NRutman

    NRutman New Member

    Unfortunately I think that it is prone to happen. No matter how much God has "dumbed down" His Word for us in Scripture, we cannot perceive His mind with the minds we have now - it just ain't gonna happen. Now, don't get me wrong - I am a student of Scripture and I love reading good theology from people like Owen, Edwards, Ryle, Spurgeon, Grudem, and Piper. However, I believe that we, as men, have fallen too far to get it all right. Until we meet together in Glory, there will always be misinterpretations of Scripture in our minds, and I don't think anyone has gotten it all right yet (save Jesus - author of our faith :)).

    In my experience, when I think I can get Scripture right if I just "read the Bible in context" (and therefore those who don't understand what I do are missing a simple step), my heart becomes very arrogant and quick to anger. While I will cling unwavering to the truth that I have, may I always be fearful of counting my own false beliefs as God-given. This fear should produce a further drive in me to study my beliefs before I proclaim them - making sure that they are God's word.

    In grace,
  5. NRutman

    NRutman New Member

    Unfortunately, this is an area where the cults are beating us at our own game (at least in the first part of what you said). Most Christians think an association with a particular local church (in which God should lead them to) has little importance. Regrettably, most modern-day evangelicals think little more of what Jesus claimed that He would build. Our lives should indeed be wrapped up in our religion and the local church. The church should be our regional "base of operations" as a Christian, for it is God's institution - not man's. This lack of priority for the church is probably a reaction to large-scale corruption in church history, however this should only grow our passions for a godly church, not cause us to abandon our search.

    In this present age, the power of Christ in His church seems lost. I have met many Christians whom I think only go to church out of tradition, and not any real purpose. That is a shame, for God does not promise to be at work in any place more than His church. May we return to the New Testiment examples again and again, striving for a better understanding of the role of the local church.

    I hope that helps,

    P.S. I do realize that the church should not have cultist practices (shunning people who leave, enforcing a government-like rule over the body, etc). My point was just the importance of the church in the Christian's life.
  6. Messenger

    Messenger Simplicity of Life

    Well said Nate.
    To God be the Glory. Any gifts we are given are from God we must remember that and all things we learn must be backed by scripture in context not twisted. Test the spirits and know the truth. There are beliefs that will differ and we may be right and we may be wrong but there are important truths. We must love one another fully and let the Holy Spirit be our guide not man. Men can help us but God is who we should look up to and worship. Too often people put their trust in man instead of God and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Love is the answer and the truths will become known. Love and God Bless. Let the Holy Spirit show you the wrongs within your own life and may you be focused on self improvement so that your light might shine brighter for others to see the way. Let us judge ourselves instead of judging others.
  7. TruelightUK

    TruelightUK Tilter at religious windmills

    As a former cult member (of sorts) I can testify that there are all kinds of complicated reasons why we don't want to admit that we 'got it wrong'. At the heart, I guess it all comes down to 'the god of this world blinding our eyes lest we should see and repent'. We need to pray for the Holy Spirit's intervention to open those blinded eyes and shed light in the darkness etc. so that the Truth is revealed. But even then, some men still prefer darkness to light.

    (Note I am not rising to the bait on the divine healing line, except to reiterate my above remarks, and point out that some abuses do not in themselves disprove the basic reality!)

  8. PrinceJeff

    PrinceJeff Well-Known Member

    I remember very well one poster at the former Tavern blaming baptists for 9/11. What a laugh!
  9. MikeMcK

    MikeMcK Well-Known Member

    In Relationship
    Justme, I used to belong to a cult and I can tell you exactly why.

    These false religions tell us that God wants us to be fat and happy all of the time, that nothing bad can happen to us and, if it does, all we have to do is to "rebuke it in Jesus' name" and all of the bad things in life will just go away.

    Then, you have Jesus, who told us to deny ourselves and take up our cross and that, for our faithfulness, we would be rewarded with troubles and hardships and the hatred of the world.

    Which one would you rather follow?
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