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It happens

Discussion in 'General Struggles' started by Yauming, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. Yauming

    Yauming Member

    My father died over 5 years ago. He was only 61. He didn't smoke, drink. He exercised regularly and was very fit. He was an Elder of his church and a good Christian man. He got cancer. We prayed for him and we thought there would be a miracle and he would be healed. A few small miracles did seem to occur but the cancer still remained. He died after 3 years of the cancer discovery. Maybe God intended it to happen to humble him - who knows? But my faith fell apart the day my dad died. It came together later. I try not to rationalize things so much nowadays. And I tend to take a skeptical view of certain Pentecostal preachers as I do of some traditional types.

    I look at Job (in the Bible) and see how much he suffered. At the end of it all he could have said "What???? You allowed the murder of my entire family to prove the devil wrong????? (insert curse here)" But he didn't. Maybe he saw "something" when God showed up.

    I trust in Job's judgement. He didn't curse God when he saw him face to face. Despite all he went thru, he trusted in God. And I want to be like that.
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  2. Blessed-one

    Blessed-one a long journey ahead

    amen, this's what trust is all about, yet often we let the circumstances of life to obscure the entire picture and love of God.
  3. Dee-Dee

    Dee-Dee Guest

    AMEN to that.
  4. GreenEyedLady

    GreenEyedLady My little Dinky Doo

    I felt the same way when my dad died at 55 years of age, christmas day 3 1/2 years ago/
    Yesterday our pastor gave a sermon on mourning. There is no rule to mourning..but one thing I did learn is that we have to allow the mourning to end. I don't think I stopped mourning my father until my daughter died.
    Today is the 2 month anniversary of her death. I know what the bible says...ut says to be sober and viligent. Meaning don't let anything intoxicate you. It says in first chronicals to seek the Lord and his strength and see k his face continually. When I pray to try to seek his face. I try to imagine his image and what his face looks like. It helps..I fall to his feet.
    Psalms 116:15 says precious in the sight of the Lord IS the death of his saints. Your father is a saint and so is my father and my daughter.
    Everyday I tell myself...earth is for faith and heaven is for understanding.
    Its all in there. I don't know what I would do if I let my faith go like I did with my father. I don't think I could live in this world. Only by the strength of the Lord can anyone get thru life's rough mountians.
    I also think of Job...and then I say to my self...The Lord will have the victory and I am NOT going to let the devil win! Do I blame the Lord...no..I don't..because earth is for faith and heaven is for understanding.
    God's will is beyond our comprehension....to try to figure out what why and when...is just going to intoxicate us. But to have faith in HIM continually..will get us thru.
    May the Lord bless you.
  5. ZiSunka

    ZiSunka It means 'yellow dog'

    My mom died at age 52 from heart disease. I couldn't talk to God for a year and a half. I felt so distant and alienated from Him and angry at Him. I didn't stop believing in Him, but I didn't want to talk to Him.

    Amazingly, He didn't stop loving me. He took care of me, He didn't punish me, He met all my needs and some of my wants.

    It was a time in my life that I learned to trust Him through anything. I didn't always trust Him, but I learned that I could. Even when I was unfaithful and sinning, He still took care of me. I wasn't even a Christian at the time, in fact, I was antichristian! And He still loved me!

    I like what GEL said about "earth is for faith and heaven is for understanding." God used my mom's early death to teach me about His character, so I could know He is always trustworthy. In heaven, I will see how this changed my life.
  6. fieldmouse3

    fieldmouse3 Contributor

    Trusting Him when things get hard....that's something I've been learning about over the last few months, and I'll continue to learn it as time goes on!
  7. mel3

    mel3 Member

    A very dear friend of mine was diagnosed with liver and colon cancer four years ago and was given only 5 to 6 months to live. She believed so much that God would heal her. When she passed, her parents questioned her faith in God. Understandably, they were hoping for healing to be given and she would happily ever after live. It was not until months later and many prayers of why did this thought come to me. Karen had in fact been healed, God had heard and answered our prayers. Maybe not answering them in the way we as human beings would have liked to have seen them answered. But, nevertheless, she was healed and she is now resting peacefully in the arms of Jesus.
  8. wvmtnkid

    wvmtnkid Order of the Candle

    I know all to well what you are talking about, Yauming. My father died of cancer when he was 45, I was 18. I was so angry that God would allow my father who was a good person to die while the drug dealer down the street was allowed to live. This was something I struggled with for years. Lambslove summed up what I was feeling, I didn't stop believing in God, but I just didn't want him in my life for awhile.

    But He still wanted me. He didn't give up. The only answer I have been given is that "My way is best." I think maybe there was something down the road in my father's life that for some reason death was better than him going through what that trial would be. All I do know is that my Heavenly Father still loves me and cares for me and is there to help me through all things. I can still be thankful and accepting of God's will even if I don't understand it. He doesn't command us to understand just to trust in Him.
  9. ZiSunka

    ZiSunka It means 'yellow dog'


    One thing that I have often struggled with is seeing good people die, even though they had so much to live for. I wonder why God would take a mother with young children, or a minister with a powerful ministry, or a young person with so much potential, but keep me alive, even though I don't seem to be so worthy.

    Remember when Rich Mullins was killed in that car accident? I couldn't figure out why God would allow that to happen to someone who was reaching so many people with the Gospel, a guy who was starting out on a mission to unreached children. It seemed strange to me that God would allow him to die when he was doing so much for Him, and had so much left to do.

    Likewise a woman at my church. She had just had her third child, had just finished Bible college and her family was going back to the mission field to translate the Bible into a unreached language, and one day she had an anuerism and died. I felt terribly guilty, because she had so much to live for, much more than me, yet I was left to live while her babies would have to grow up without her.

    I would love to ask Him how He decides to take one person, but leave others behind.
  10. GreenEyedLady

    GreenEyedLady My little Dinky Doo

    I think that God takes people away when they are ready. Maybe my father was ready..he passed the test..maybe the mother who died of an anurism had passed the test. We don't know what goes on in heaven, or what the purpose is...all we should try to do is remember God's will has a purpouse for us who are left behind.
  11. mel3

    mel3 Member

    I am still blessed to have both of my parents living although my mom has serious health issues for the last 5 years. I am thankful that I am given an extra day with them each and every day. They are both ready to meet the Maker in His time so I find comfort in that but I also dread the day.
  12. endure

    endure Active Member

    i am not trying to start an arguement of anykind, but i think something needs to be realised and admitted in church people today.
    say a man dies, and he was a good man, he had been preaching, he had done great things, he seemed so good and maybe he was.
    this is still no reason to say for sure that it was gods will for him to die. it could have been gods will, but we cannot judge it on these evidences alone.

    just becuase your a good person, just becuase you preach and save souls, just because you love god, does not mean you didnt make a mistake and allow yourself to go through something that was not the will of god. many great men, women, preachers etc, have died or fallen, when it was never the will of god for them to. and even though they were great in some areas, they were still wrong in others.

    i have learned through experience, that sometimes the word of god will state a truth, yet contradict the life of someone who you greatly esteem and love.
    and you must trust god, and be faithful to him enough, to say, "ok god, i love them, i respect them, but your word says they are wrong, so yes lord...... i will beleive you over even those i love."
    sometimes the greatest tests, are when the men you esteemed great, or love dearly fall, ort turn and attack you.
    i think everyone will go through a season, when someone they looked up to, will fall in some way. and god will use that, to test you, "who do you believe? man, or me?"
    like jesus
    Mary, the mother of Jesus, the servant of God, the one whom god highly favored. was the same mary that later in jesus' life came searching for him with his own brothers, in order to lay hold on him and take him home, becuase it seemed like Jesus had gone fanatical and way off the deep end. but jesus had to know the truth of god, and trust it enough to trust god, over anyone or anything else. even if it meant saying, mom i love you, your my mother, but your still wrong........ :(

    i am not trying to attack you, but do not beleive it was gods will for your father to die, simply on the basis of him being a good man or any other reason, if the word clearly says it wasnt. my own father is a great man, such a great heart of love and compassion and hardwork, but in some areas, i know hes wrong, and no matter how good he is in any issue, it doesnt justify it. and it hurts to tell him that, or acknowledge that, but i must.... becuase i serve god, and not man.

    people try to excuse sin or unbeleif and many other things becuase the great disciples sinned, fell, or doubted etc.
    but it doesnt matter how great those men were or what they did, they were still wrong according to the word of god.
    let god be true, and EVERY MAN be a liar.

    i say this in love and not in hate or pride.
    but just becuase your father was a good man, does not mean it was the will of god for him to die from cancer or for anyone to die from cancer. your father could have still been wrong, he could have doubted or anything that can cause things that werent gods will to happen to him.

    i am struggling to get my point across clearly.....
    do not justify the fall or defeat or death of a man, with your love for him, your esteem for him, you trust in him, or your pride in him.

    i sometimes have trouble telling the truth of the word becuase of this very problem.
    for example
    one time i was talking to a close friend about smoking, and how it wasnt the will of god. and the person said "well my grandmother, who i love, a great woman of god, who loved god with all her heart, smoked and told me it was ok to smoke."
    (lets not begin to discuss that issue, im simply using this as an example)
    and i did not want to say "well your grandmother was wrong" that would seem harsh, and it seemed like it would hurt him. as i would not want to see my loved ones being wrong either, becuase i love them and want them to be right and it would seem like i somehow betrayed them in someway.
    but i had to tell him the truth, even if it hurt him, or meant saying his loved ones were wrong.  and when i told him that, i could see that he didnt expect me to say that, and it kind of hurt him, to see that maybe his grandmother that he loved dearly, and respected, could still be wrong.

    just be careful not to change the truth, and the power of god, becuase of your love or respect for anyone else.

    listen, i love you as a brother or sister in christ and i respect you.
    but if jesus said we could overcome all sickness and disease and death, then that is true, no matter who is sick or diseased or dead.
    i was once talking to a person about the fact you cant just beleive in god without following him and expect to go to heavon. and she turned and asked me "well do you think im going to heavon then?"
    and she did not expect me to be so bold as to keep with my argument after that.....it wasnt easy, but i could not lie and forsake what i know to be true, simply to make her happy or to make peace. i had to tell her the truth, and yeah it was hard and it hurt, and it shocked and hurt her, and made me look like a proud hateful person, but i knew what was true, because i knew the word, and i knew her life at the present time.
    sometimes we simply avoid the truth, because it means something we love is wrong, or someone we love is wrong, and we think that if we give in to that truth, it is betraying that loved one or betraying something, but it isnt...it really isnt.
    love you.
    please dont be angry at me.
  13. Sharky

    Sharky Rockin dude!

    Trust in God. That is something very hard if we're going through alot of pressure and trouble. BUt as always, God is mighty, God is awesome. He will heal you and surroud you in His love.