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Illuminati parade agent Ahmadinejad in NYC as agent Assad about to bite Damascus dust

Discussion in 'News & Current Events' started by MattMarriott, Sep 26, 2012.

  1. MattMarriott

    MattMarriott Active Member

    Ahmadinejad paraded in NYC as Assad about to bite the Damascus dust MUST go chemical

    Illuminati parade agent Ahmadinejad in NYC as agent Assad about to bite the Damascus dust

    MAKE NO MISTAKE: exactly as Ahmadinejad was assigned the task to go nuclear against Israel, Illuminati ordered Assad to go chemical as last resort, before Assad bites the Damascus dust. (1)
    Illuminati can not let puppet Ahmadinejad fall.

    Reminder: Ahmadinejad, more than Assad, plays a KEY role in the "Destruction of Israel" illuminati agenda. (2)
    But the main reason for the illuminati to parade Ahmadinejad in NYC, from Piers Morgan (3) to the "Occupy" movement (4) and illuminati actor Ban Ki Moon in the role of UN Secreaty General (5), is to boost his image in Iran and to prevent his fall.

    Reminder: in the last days, the iranian illuminati puppets:
    - arrested scores of freedom fighters, including all families of internationally known personalities (6), who like Moussavi, the real winner of the 2009 rigged elections (7), was detained long ago.
    - blocked all of other services of angelic Google (YouTube was already blocked since the protests of the rigged 2009 "elections").
    - closed the news bureau of Reuters, last agency still leaking (8). So now Ahmadinjad and Press TV continues to broadcast the same nazi propaganda (only in other clothes, starting with the veiled "news" women) as his illuminati masters in their cable networks, from the US to Germany.
    But in Iran the situation is like in Syria, where the illuminati made sure that the genocide continues behind closed doors.

    Reminder: among the goals of the CIA production "Innocence of Muslims" was to
    - advance the "extermination of christian minorities" agenda (9) (the reason why the director was supposedly a "criminal egyptian copt");
    - give their puppets a pretext to ban angelic YouTube / Google (the reason the illuminati uploaded "Innocence of Muslims" (10) to YouTube, knowing that later when "asked" by "Obama" to remove it, Google would refuse it, since as last free mass media it does not censor its contents.
    - give their puppets under siege a pretext to rally the masses (example: Love for the Prophet Day or $100,000 reward for killing the "christian director", two acts staged by the Pakistani government puppets), Despote the illuminati media selling non-stop for days the "huge muslim uproar", Hisbollah´s rally in Lebanon was the only one to gather a real crowd.

    (1) September 24, smoke rising from Syria's Army command headquarters in Damascus

    (2) Illuminati agents Erdogan, Muslim Brootherhood, Ahmadinejad and Assad part of script "Glory of the Olive"

    (3) Since Ahmadinejad's last visit the talk master selling Illuminati icons changed (Larry King replaced by Piers Morgan), but illuminati icon Ahmadinekad is still used to advance the same agendas.

    (4) Ahmadinejad now also used in the agenda "feed the FEMA extermination camps".
    HORRIBLE TRUTH why illuminati puppet Ahmadinejad meets OCCUPY movement, New York 2012

    (5) the same actor Ban Ki Moon who was "condemning" holocaust denial 3 weeks earlier, now tries to enter the Guiness Book for strongest shakehands, with Ahmadinejad as attempt partner.

    (6) 24 September 2012 - After daughter, Iran arrests son of ex-president Rafsanjani

    (7) "murder of Neda" staged by the illuminati 2009 to discredit the masses protesting the rigged "elections"

    (8) September 30 - Iran closes Reuters news bureau, Reuters Chief Convicted, Note the "Ninja" headline used by illuminati media to package it:

    (9) Google it:
    ** Pastor TERRY JONES ** CIA psy-operative used in agenda "exterminate christian minorities in muslim countries" (Pakistan, Egypt, Indonesia) or in parts of countries where christian are the minority (northern Nigeria, northern Ivory Coast, ...)

    (10) "Chris Stevens" "Dead" US ambassador in Libya lived less than 2 years: how fake folks are created
    Last edited: Oct 2, 2012