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how to deal with spiritual dryness?

Discussion in 'Non-denominational' started by Christownsme, Jul 8, 2012.

  1. Christownsme

    Christownsme Guest

    Spiritual dryness can be from many things, I believe. Emotional exhaustion, depression, personal sin, sin against you, and I'm sure the list goes on.

    I'm going thru a lot of dryness right now, and I'm also depressed. I have a bipolar disorder that swings from mania to depression frequently. So mine is a more serious depression than event related depression that most people experience.

    I feel like Solomon when he said in Ecclesiastes that "all is vanity". Nothing excites me, nothing is interesting to me. Everything seems like nothingness.

    How do most of you deal with spiritual dryness?
  2. hopeinGod

    hopeinGod A voice crying in the wilderness

    I have known Christians, who, during all of their Christian walks, knew only a total lack of joy and anticipation in the Lord. They never experienced a touch from God, not a single doctrinal revelation, nor a single season of excitement. All of their time in the Lord was held together by the limited degree of faith they had, nothing more.

    It seems you have several ideas in your mind that could cause dryness, or what those with whom I spent most of my growing years in the Lord call, a wilderness experience. There's a great deal of writing and sermons on the topic that can be helpful. I own a few things in MP3 form that might help you, although I'm not so sure how to get them to you.

    Try IMing me and include your email address and I'll see if it will be possible to upload some teaching from a precious brother under who I sat for two years during the seventies.

    The topic of suffering is a very misunderstood topic in the body of Christ and few pulpits have been able to bring a balance to it. Reason being, far too many preachers continue to tell their congregants that all good is from God and all bad is from the devil. And yet, there is a divine, God-ordained purpose in suffering that is often missed in most sermons on the topic.
  3. A Sojourner

    A Sojourner Newbie

  4. thesunisout

    thesunisout brother Supporter

    United States
    The number one cause of spiritual dryness is spiritual warfare. Satan is constantly trying to rob you of your peace and joy, to keep you living a defeated life. Being defeated comes by a lack of submission to God. The way you deal with it is by obeying the will of God. God is looking for a 100 percent surrender to Him in your life, which means. among other things, laying all of these burdens upon His shoulders. Lay your dryness, your unhappiness, your bi-polar symptoms at the foot of His cross. What He wants is for you to believe His word, and His promises to you. As a born again believer, you have a lot of reasons to feel good, and at peace, and joyful. Do you believe the promises of God? You need to get what you say about yourself and what God says about you to line up. In this moment, God is living within you. He is always with you, so stay in prayer about these things. He wants to comfort you.

    I know bi-polar must be hard; I had a girlfriend who was bi-polar. However her real problem was demonic oppression. Have you ever considered going to a deliverance ministry?
  5. tturt

    tturt Senior Veteran

    Yes, I'm sorry about the bi-polar condition. To answer your question - I've found King David's example to be very helpful.

    When David and his men returned to camp and found their dwellings burnt and their families gone and the guys who just fought with him talked of killing him, he was at an extremely low point, too.

    Scripture states then David encouraged himself in the Lord. (I Sam 30). It doesn't say how but I believe he had learned to get his mind off himself and his circumstances and deliberately focus on Yahweh. He probably played or sung some of the Psalms to Him and thought about Yahweh.

    Only after he encouraged himself in the Lord, did he asks Yahweh what to do about the situation.
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2012