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Home Prayer corner/closet/altar?

Discussion in 'Scripture,Tradition,Reason-Anglican & Old Catholic' started by AveMaria, Nov 30, 2004.

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  1. AveMaria

    AveMaria Anglo-Catholic Tat Queen

    Anyone have a Prayer Closet, Family Home Altar, or something similar?

    What sort of space have you used, and how? Candles? Statues? Icons? Bibles? BCP? Holy water? Holy cards? Other significant objects or pictures? Crosses? Rosaries? Do you use liturgically correct colors?

    Would you mind describing your space?

    I'm looking for ideas and inspiration - for years, I've said, "One of these days I'm going to set up a prayer corner/home altar." And this Advent, I've been moved to get off my tush and actually do it.
  2. CFoxDWH

    CFoxDWH It's hard for thee to kick against the pricks

    I have an altar, sort of, in my room but it's nothing special really. A candle, a cross, couple rosaries, a bible, and a little statue of the "Divino Nino" my girlfriend bought me in Guatemala. I like it though. My Baptist father loves to disrespect me by using it as an endtable.
  3. Father Rick

    Father Rick Peace be with you

    You may want to ask this in TAW, since prayer corners are very common among the Orthodox.
  4. Songspinner

    Songspinner Cradle Anglo-Catholic

    Being that in my house, privacy is a strage concept and things are moved in and out of my room, apparently by grissley mice or elves because no one will fess up too it...I shutter to think what would happen to any sort of atler set up.

    We did an excersize at a conference I once went to where you had to discibe your most holly place out of church. And I had to say probably my bathroom ( how sacralege is that) But It's the only room with a lock and when things get really hectic and too much...Its a great place to go and hide and spend some quality time in Prayer. I tend to do this at work when I get to stressed out too.
  5. Bonifatius

    Bonifatius Regular Member

    I do not really have a corner, but one part of my living room table is dedicated to things spiritual :crossrc:

    I normally have there a candle and an image (related to the season - at the moment it is an old painting of Christ entering Jerusalem), also my rosary and my prayer book and now - of course - my Advent wreath. But this changes - so over easter I would have some other kind of decoration like palm branches or palm crosses etc.

    It is a nice place because it makes a good centre of my living room.

  6. benedictine

    benedictine No Surrender, No desertion - Whatever Happens.

    Oddly enough, I use an endtable, set up at the end of my bed. I've got my best Bible and Prayer Book, an icon of St. Michael, and one of my rosaries.Depending on when you look at it, there's a pillow that one could kneel on.
  7. Michael G

    Michael G Abe Frohmann

    Eastern Orthodox
    I know I have posted this picture on TAW, but I thought I would share a picture of my icon corner with my Anglican friends as well.
  8. gitlance

    gitlance Future priest in the Holy Catholic Church...

    Well, I have a little prayer corner that I've been building up for awhile now. So far I have tried to keep seasonal colors, which means right now the cloth I drape over my table is blue. :)

    Current population includes:

    A statue of Mary, Our Lady of Grace
    My prayer book, "The Habit of Holiness"
    My rosary
    The painting of the Divine Mercy
    A few candles, as well as a beautiful cross candle-holder
    A hanging cherry-oak wall crucifix
    An incense burner

    I also have a place underneath the top of the table where I keep my BCP, Hymnal, the Scriptures, and various other little things I tend to use.

    (I would post a pic, but apparently I need 100 posts. Haha.)

    Christ's peace be with you!! :crossrc:
  9. benedictine

    benedictine No Surrender, No desertion - Whatever Happens.

    please post quickly, so we can see. I'd make a post, I just don't have a way to take the picture!
  10. gitlance

    gitlance Future priest in the Holy Catholic Church...

    Benedictine, since it will take me awhile to accumulate 100 posts, how about I email you the picture and then you post it for me? That's always a possibility if you are up to it!

    Christ's peace be with you! :crossrc:
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