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Discussion in 'Prayer Wall' started by Zhen, Sep 18, 2019.

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  1. Zhen

    Zhen New Member

    I really need help ><
    I've been experiencing a lot of demonic attacks.
    I have felt things entering and leaving my body, things choking me (and afterwards making me feel like choking others), heard things in my throat, heart and abdomen and ears telling me to hurt people. I also see evil things that scare me. I have been seeing the number 4 a lot. >< My heart also told me that satan is god. I know this is wrong, but i can't help it. I feel that this is a spiritual attack.
    I have never experienced these things before, until I abandoned God and replaced Jesus with a guy. I chased after that guy, even though God told me he wasn't the one for me. I took to astrology to find out more about that guy's personality, and went into online tarot sites as well.
    Later on I saw that that guy did black magic to me, and ever since then I started to have an influx of intrusive thoughts telling me to hurt people. I also experienced a lot of supernatural attacks. I have been going through these things for more than half a year, and it's really very distressing.

    Please do pray for me, and if anyone hears from the Holy Spirit, please guide me and tell me what I should do >< Should I apologize to the guy? Will this make him stop the black magic? Exactly why am I going through this?
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  2. A_Thinker

    A_Thinker Well-Known Member Supporter

    In the short term, I would pray that God would shield from any spiritual attacks, and asking forgiveness for having any association with the occult (astrology, tarot, etc.).

    As God's child, you are essentially, off-limits to Satan and his minions, so the times when you feel attacked, say out loud ... "To any spirits present, in the name of Jesus Christ, the Son of the One True Living God, I command you to leave from me and from this place ... and never return. I disavow any past associations with spirits not of Christ, and have returned to Christ's fold and protection.

    Second, I would surround myself with the things of Christ. I would read my Bible daily and post encouraging scriptures upon the walls. I would keep christian music playing all the time.

    Finally, try to find a good christian deliverance minister. The Catholics are, typically, best at dealing with this.
  3. JohnTh

    JohnTh Newbie

    Eastern Orthodox
    Ok, you will do like this:
    1. Pray with Jesus prayer - it is way better to use a prayer rope for this.
    2. Know the biggest secret of the devil.
    3. Do not believe anything you see or feel. All warfare is based on deception.
    4. Repent about what you did in front of God but take care to not despair.
    5. Seek anything odd in your house or nearby which would resemble as an object used for black magic and burn it or bury it into the ground.
    6. DO NOT have any other contact with that guy, astrology and tarot. Ever. Block everything. Yes, it is very serious.
    7. Search for Orthodox Churches in your area and go there. I found for example this one (recommended) and this one.
    8. There, tell them what happened to you and ask to do at your house the Service of the Holy Water and to water (sprinkle) your house with this water. They will (should) know very well what is this thing.
    9. Also, ask them, if they think that it is needed (based on the info you gave at the point 8 above), to read for you „The exorcisms of Saint Basil the Great” - they will (should) know what is this also. Do not be afraid of „fireworks”.
    10. Speak with a priest and attend regularly to the services there. You will be inside in a safe(r) place.
    11. To be sincere, you should confess and receive the Holy Communion but since you aren't orthodox, this cannot be done. This will detonate any demonic energy tough. As I said at point 10 above, at least speak with a priest „like a confession”. God will help you.
    12. Ask if there are Holy Relics and, if exist, ask the priest to bless you with them.
    13. Also if you will be baptized orthodox as it should (with three immersions) this will also definitely clear up any demonic energy upon you.
    14. You can use also other types of prayer, but the main one should be Jesus' prayer.
    15. Do fast: Wednesday and Friday do not eat food of animal origin - sea fruits are ok tough. This will help you because it will minimize the demonic influence.
    16. From the church where you go, buy a cross and an icon of Mother of God. Small ones - it doesn't matter the size - and put them in your room. Pls do not tell me stuff about the icons now. We are speaking about demons here. Please do what I say and it will be very good for you.
    17. Having a cross around your neck is pretty necessary in all situations, especially in such situations.
    18. Read the New Testament. It will help you - especially the Gospels. Start with Matthew.
    19. Take care because the demons will try to frighten you. Do not pay attention (see points 2 and 3 above) but remember that now you are in their range and you must get out from there.
    20. Be constant - have a daily program of prayer (especially in the morning and in the evening), have a spiritual guide from an orthodox Chuch no matter what.
    Yes, we know, with God's grace. It happens to have a little experience. Please send me your small name (in private or as you wish) for prayers.
  4. Mollie1

    Mollie1 John 3:16 Staff Member Purple Team - Moderator Supporter

    United Kingdom

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