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Help choosing a holiness denomination + finding a liturgical parish

Discussion in 'Wesley's Parish - Methodist/ Nazarene' started by DeFyYing, Nov 25, 2020.

  1. DeFyYing

    DeFyYing New Member

    United States
    Eastern Orthodox
    If I were to become a Methodist, idk which type I should be. At first I was leaning towards UMC because of their liturgical side but idk since they are in full communion with the ELCA and are becoming very socially liberal. Then I was looking into Free Methodism but the closest one is like 45 minutes away, and it's very low church style. Nazarenes sound interesting and I've heard that some are liturgical, but I'm a little hesitant because of the history of dancing and alcohol. And I can't find anything about the Wesleyan church.
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  2. Basil the Great

    Basil the Great Well-Known Member Supporter

    I know little about the Wesleyan Church, but my guess is that they are probably a lot like the Free Methodists and the Nazarenes. Besides, all three denominations are probably pretty small and you might not find them close to you. As far the the UMC, those in the South are probably more conservative than in the rest of the country. This might also apply to the rural sections of the Plains states, like ND, SD, NE and KS. If you live on either coast or in the urban/suburban Midwest, then I am not sure what to tell you. Personally, I would not worry about the full communion with the ELCA. Unless and until the UMC makes a final decision allowing gay marriage and gay pastors, then I think that their full communion with the ELCA is not a major factor.
  3. bekkilyn

    bekkilyn Contemplative Christian Supporter

    United States
    United Methodist
    I'd suggest just going to visit the different Methodist/Wesleyan churches in your area. Even within the same denominations, two congregations can be very different from one another. The internet is good about lumping everyone within a denomination together as if everyone is the same, but it couldn't be further from the truth. Even when it comes to being liturgical, some are going to be higher and others are going to be lower. You're not going to really know until you actually set foot in a particular church and check it out. Don't just go by what you "hear" online. Go to the actual church. (Or attend online if that's all they're having right now because of the pandemic.)