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Heart palpitations

Discussion in 'Cardiology & Blood Pressure Issues' started by Liftyourhands7, Sep 1, 2010.

  1. sk8Joyful

    sk8Joyful Well-Known Member

    Well, at least you were given another Chance :) to learn... Better :thumbsup:

    I have never asked a Cardiologist, or any other 'specialist' for that matter.

    I know better! -> As soon as my MINERALS,
    especially Potassium, Iron & sodium, got re-adjusted, I've had none such challenges, whatsoever.

    PRAISE :clap: GOD!
  2. deke123

    deke123 Guest

    God bless you and the doctors and I pray that God is working in all people lives with heart disease and other illnesses that can cause a hinder to them. I pray amen!
  3. drelnahas

    drelnahas Newbie

    since your palpitation gone the time you arrived to ER, your cardiologist will probably order a 24 hour ECG (Holter ECG)
  4. ButterflyPoette

    ButterflyPoette Newbie

    I was in the ER for palpitations this week. I have hyperthyroidism. It can be a cause of palpitations.
  5. Non sequitur

    Non sequitur Kinda Well-Known Member

    United States
    It is. There is no such thing as aortic fibrillation.
  6. Motor City Christian

    Motor City Christian Senior Veteran

    I am glad I am not the only that struggles with these. I am on toprol and diltiazem for the problem. I get rapid heart beat and chest pains as well as nerve pain near my armpits on both sides. My fear is that my body seems to be building up a tolerance for the drugs. When I get off of them or tried to cut them down as my cardiologist recommended originally, my pulse is out of control. Part of the problem is anxiety I know, but it seems like there is an underlying cause to all this situation. But my doctor has already ruled out Wolfe Parkinson's White syndrome that attacks individuals my age. Continued prayers would be appreciated for this. I see an arrythmia specialist next month.

    All I can say to those starting to experience rapid heartbeat is get off the caffeine and energy drinks with taurine before you end up in the ER like I did when this all started in 2011. It is so frustrating. By the way, I also have problems sleeping.
  7. HonestTruth

    HonestTruth Member


    Try it - it works instantly.
  8. joshua 1 9

    joshua 1 9 Well-Known Member Supporter

    Diet exercise & stress control according to Dr Ornish has been shown to "reverse heart disease". So there are effective things we can do even when the doctor wants to leave it alone.
  9. Mister_Al

    Mister_Al Regular Member

    I had heart palpitations and took magnesium glycinate for them and I stopped having them altogether. You might want to look into it. Magnesium also helps keep your blood pressure in the normal range.


  10. HonestTruth

    HonestTruth Member

    I had a severe palpitation in my sleep last night. This despite years of medication for the problem. In the past whenever I had such an attack, I would be fatigued and in pain all day.

    Now that I use mudras as shown in the above video from youtube, the problem has been lessened significantly. At the moment there is absolutely no pain or even the slightest discomfort. Google mudras and you will see that even Jesus has been portrayed thousands of times using them for they are truly a godsend.
  11. joshua 1 9

    joshua 1 9 Well-Known Member Supporter

    Exercise at least twice a week could be the key to recovery. Also a cardio diet is important. Plant based whole food diet. High nutrition low calorie. The endomorphs produced when you exercise help to control stress hormones.

    Here is a article with some of the things to look for that could help to deal with the problem.

    Last edited: Jul 14, 2015
  12. Jimmy K

    Jimmy K New Member

    I have experienced palpitations over the years, the past comments offer some great advice.
    I was on the 24 hour monitor, ended up with 13 extra beats in a 24 hour period, doctor said nothing to worry about. If the flutters start to real bother me he can prescribe beta blockers.

    I gave up coffee and only drink a cup of decaf, also have not had a beer in years.
    Relaxing, meditation, prayer, help slow things down.
    Take things slow.
  13. Michael the Lowly

    Michael the Lowly New Member

    United States
    I was recently diagnosed. I would appreciate you asking Lord Jesus to completely heal me of a-phib. May the Lord bless you.