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Guidelines for all Discussion and Debate Forums

Discussion in 'Physical & Life Sciences' started by Sojourner1, Jan 10, 2014.

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  1. Sojourner1

    Sojourner1 Following my Shepherd Supporter

    United States
    Guidelines for all Discussion and Debate Forums

    The Discussion and Debate Category is open to a diverse group of members here at Christian Forums. This is an area where members can interact together to share as well as learn about a wide variety of beliefs through the civil discourse of discussion and debate. Choosing to participate in the discussion and debate forums means that you are aware that your personal beliefs may be challenged and attacked. Members, however, are never to be personally attacked. Please understand that in a debate the discussion may become heated at times. Keep your focus on challenging the idea, not attacking the poster. Flaming is defined as an attack on another member's character, as opposed to their arguments or beliefs. When discussing and debating controversial topics some mild flaming is bound to take place. Blatant flames toward another member such as, "You stupid moron," are unacceptable and will lead to staff actions. If you stick to attacking another member's arguments rather than their person, you should be fine. If you are focused on contributing to the community in a positive way then you won't become a disruption.


    Trolling is intentionally disrupting a thread by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages with the clear intention of provoking other members into an emotional response. Please do not troll. Calling another member a "troll" would be a violation of the flaming rule (calling them a derogatory name).

    No General Apologetics Topics

    Apologetics is a branch of theology that concerns itself with defending or proving the truths of the Christian faith and doctrines. Discussion and debate on subjects related to general apologetics are not allowed in the Discussion and Debate category forums. Christians who would like to discuss apologetics may do so in the Christian Apologetics forum.

    Posting Netiquette

    • Discussions with non Christians must be respectful keeping in mind that just because someone has not yet accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior does not mean that the Lord won't draw him/her at a later time. (Col 4:2-6)
    • Christians are stewards of Christ and His word and as such it is expected that all non Christians be treated respectfully by speaking the truth in love (1 Peter 3:15).
    • Christians should hold themselves to a higher standard given that this is a Christian site. Non Christians, lurkers, the weak of faith, etc. are reading your posts which means that the impression you give is what they see.


    • Keep in mind that this IS a Christian website and as such CF reserves the right to choose what content is appropriate.
    • All discussions with the intent of belittling or mocking Christians or Christianity will be promptly removed.
    • All discussions belittling Christians by calling them mentally inferior, ignorant, bigoted, etc. will be promptly removed.
    • All discussions blaspheming the Christian God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit will be promptly removed.
    The above will drive how moderators interpret the sitewide rules as they relate to the Discussion and Debate forums. There is no reason why conversations cannot remain civil without restricting speech. In most cases, it is not what was said but how it was said. Please peruse your posts before hitting the submit button to make sure that it conforms with CF sitewide rules and specific forum guidelines. The poster, and only the poster, is responsible for the content of their post so you are in full control of what you post.

    CF moderating staff is dedicated to making the forums within the Discussion and Debate Category a place where all are welcomed.
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