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God help take the curse ooff my life and off my family

Discussion in 'Prayer Wall' started by myallforhim, Jul 15, 2006.

  1. myallforhim

    myallforhim Well-Known Member

    God please supply all our neeeds. God help me not to lose faith in the hard times. In the past two weeks the dishwasher quite, the dryer quite, and now the refrigerator /freezer has quit working and we have lost all our food. Plus we are two months behind on our morgage. Plus the car we drive overheats everytime we drive it. When it rain it pours. It feels more like a flood.I am losing faith fast. It seems like God does not care.That he plays favorites. God please we can't take anymore. Please don't let us lose our home. The burdens that we are going through are unbearable. I am so discouraged.

    HOLYROLLER71 Well-Known Member

    Lord touch this sister,move mightly in her life,let her faith not waver as she lifts up her prayers,you always say you won't give us more than we can bear,bless her and supply all her needs,move quickly Lord,I thank you in the name of Jesus,amen.
  3. bfly

    bfly Contributor

    Lord I pray you meet these needs and give myallforhim a new reason to strengthen her faith. In the name of Jesus I pray amen
  4. mom_one

    mom_one Contributor

    praying for you & your family :prayer: :hug:
  5. AnglicanCelt

    AnglicanCelt Member

    You are Jehovah Jireh, and like you provided the widow with oil and flour while Elijah visited her. You know the needs of this family, and I petition You to remember them.

    Lord, I also ask for just a little faith, too for myall, and that she find You in the small places and rejoices that You are there.
  6. followjesus777

    followjesus777 get behind...the Lord rebuke thee, JESUS is Lord!~

    :prayer: :groupray:

    learn more about renouncing curses here... www.ministeringdeliverance.com ...go to the lobby and intoduce your self gain wisdom from reading and ask as many questions as you like.

    i speak blessing over this Sister now i ask YOU Lord to restore twice what the enemy has stolen like YOU promise in the Word. i ask Lord give this Sister wisdom, understanding insight discernment and protection and give her 'ears to hear' how to distory and break any curses that may exist. in the name of the True Jesus Christ of Nazareth PTL amen!~thankyou Lord God!~
  7. Jboy

    Jboy New Member

    Lord saviour
    remind her of Job, let her stay in faith, give her what she needs..
    may your enormous powers give her wonderful moments, help her with it all goes down, not only when she is high on straw.. let your will be done..
  8. SunMessenger

    SunMessenger Devoted To The Holy Spirit Of God

    God I Pray For This Need With All Of My Heart... I Pray In Jesus Name...

    In The Spirit Of Our Lord And Savior Jesus Christ I Pray That All Needs Are Met. I Pray For The Full Power Of The Holy Spirit To Enter And Meet Every Need. In Jesus Name I Pray. Before God I Kneel . You Are My Father. I Will Praise God Forever And Ever ! Amen
  9. rebecca45

    rebecca45 Senior Member

    Oh Heavenly Father I lift this family up before you, I ask that you bless this family. Lord if it is time to move, then show them the door they are to walk thru. Give them a Peace about the transistion. IN JESUS NAME I ask that their needs be met.

    Sister if I may.. oh geez this sounds so much like things that have happened to us before in the past.
    Years ago, it was one thing after another happening. Kind of like what you described. I can only tell you even though it didn't look like we had the means to go any where else, GOD PROVIDED! when we made up our minds to leave. Which is what he wanted us to do in the first place. Sometimes I think things get uncomfortable to get us to move out of that place.
    For me it was the last straw when the Air conditioner broke and there was no money to fix it. I was so angry! I said THAT'S IT! we're out of here! I don't care if we have to live in the car .. Of course I didn't mean it but that is when I started looking for someway out. We owned at the time and it was hard selling our mobile home and land and moving into a rental house, but let me tell you it was FREEDOM! I felt a weight lift off us. I am not sure that is what is happening to you, but you may wish to pray and ask God if you have not all ready if he is trying to get you to move on to somewhere else.

    I hope this has helped you comfort you in some way, TRUST ME we have been there many times. Even right now again it seems just like you it is one thing after another.

    Wait on GOD! he will supply all your needs. Trust in Him and listen to his still small voice, I am sure you will soon see what is happening.
    It is the waiting part that is hard to do isn't it?

    I speak God's blessings upon you and your family. In Jesus name. Amen
  10. Im-revived

    Im-revived Working for God, through our Lord.

    Sometimes things do seem to go wrong all at once, but sweetheart it doesn't necessasarily mean its a curse, unless you know its been put there, and i'm sure you would know 100% if it had. If your concerned that it really is a curse and youve been told that, you will also know what curse it is. If you don't know and feel it could be from a previous family at the same address, annoint and pray round the house, take with you also a bible in each room as you pray. Ive recently had a person PM me with similar issues, they did exactly what I said and that same night they were in peace again. I personally have to do this a lot in my own home, due to my past. Also with a curse there will be a lot more going on than what youve said. So try not to worry, and its probably good to do what I said anyway to put your mind at rest.

    Lord Jesus if there is any curse within that house, has been brought in by anyone, or from a past family, I pray against it. Bring peace and remove all fear too. Amen