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Global Warming

Discussion in 'News & Current Events' started by Ampmonster, Jan 15, 2004.

  1. christianactor

    christianactor New Member

    Another point I forgot to mention is the fact that we have only had the means to create greenhouse gases for 50 or so years. We had automobile in the 20's 30's 40's but were not used very much AT ALL something like 4% of what we have today. So for 50 years we have been building buildings driving cars so on so on and so on. If only 50 years of this greenhouse producing machines has done this damage so fast, we are heading for trouble.. connsidering how much we have come since then lets just picture a world in another 50 years from now. My point is this... Man in so little time could not have been able to produce so much damage. If we go on the fact that we have had the ability todo this then we are heading for some dark times very fastly
  2. Michael0701

    Michael0701 Harley Ridin' Believer!!

    "Man in so little time could not have been able to produce so much damage."

    I don't know what you do for a living, but there are a great deal of men and women in the scientific community who can prove otherwise.

    Sadly, man's efect on the environment and atmosphere is anything but a myth. From holes in the ozone layer, to the deforestation of the Amazon, man bears the guilt of damaging the environment THAT THE LORD CREATED!!

    Probably coincidence..... in the last 120 some odd years that we have been keeping global temperature stats, the three warmest years have been 1998, 2002 and 2003.
  3. christianactor

    christianactor New Member

    The deforestation of the amazon is not done by man! look at the garden of eden did man do that too?
  4. pantsman52

    pantsman52 Senior Veteran


    ........................................ *head explodes*
  5. Paula

    Paula Veteran

    Last year or so, I came across some excellent satellite photos of the collapsed Larsen B iceshelf in the Antarctic which I can't seem to locate, but the link below provides some hard data. If you compare present day photos of the north and south poles with those from ten years ago, the melting and breaking away are plainly visible. This phenomenon is measurable, but I suppose the cause is yet undetermined and controversial.

  6. Krazeekkc

    Krazeekkc Irregular Nonconformist

    Huh? No, I was saying that I think global warming is real. Also, we should all just use electric cars! :p
  7. kermit

    kermit Legend

    So who is cutting down all those trees?
  8. MichaelFJF

    MichaelFJF Well-Known Member

    I like the electric car idea. We have enough wind, water and sun to power everything we need. All we have to do is make it efficient and affordable. And we all know that won't happen until it absolutely has to happen. If the oil guys could be persuaded to make the transistion, it would happen $$$$$$. M
  9. kermit

    kermit Legend

    The problem with electric cars is the source of electricity to power them. Many areas still have coal and other highly poluting power plants. Hydrogen is a much cleaner and more abundant fuel for cars.
  10. antigoat

    antigoat Member

    If 'scientist' and 'ecologist' are not real jobs, just wondering what what qualify? What do you all do for a living? As long as its not in advertising or marketing...

    So called 'Greenhouse Gases' are a problem because they prevent a greater percentage of radiant heat from leaving the atmosphere, instead reflecting it back inwards. The problem with burning fossil fuels is that it makes great changes to the Carbon cycle- thousands and thousands of pounds of carbon that have been locked away from the cycle for millions of years are now being put back in at unprecidented levels. The effects of such action is disputed, but to believe there will be no effect is naive.

    If Global warming is indeed occuring, and continues to occur, one possible result, as others have mentioned, is changing of weather patterns. This can lead to some proposed advantages, such as milder climate for Siberia, but may also turn plains, often major agricultural producing centers today, into deserts.

    I like the electric cars too. We could all be driving ,at the very least, electric-hybrid cars in the next few years. but, my guess is that we won't be.

    Which leads me to one question I always have with the Arctic Oil Drilling push- the oil's there, its not going anywhere, no one else can come drill for it, what's the hurry? Why not save it for a rainy day when oil is really hard to get and we could definately use the extra energy? My guess is that there are some people who just really really want to be the ones to get to drill it and profit from it.
  11. ThePhoenix

    ThePhoenix Well-Known Member

    Dear God, a basic physics class should be manditory. And that's a prayer, not taking the lord's name in vain. Now lets take a few basic facts:
    1) Objects that are heated expand. Objects that are cooled contract.
    2) This applies to solids, liquids, and gasses.
    3) There's an awful lot of ocean.

    Getting the basic picture?
  12. MediocrityInAction

    MediocrityInAction Anti-Humanist

    Why not? According to the Bible, we've already done something similar. Something to do with taking a bite out of a certain apple and spoiling paradise?