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For $10K, You Can Hunt This Unemployed Man.

Discussion in 'News & Current Events' started by Johnboy53, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. Johnboy53

    Johnboy53 Looking For Interesting News.

    United States
    In Relationship
    It’s tough finding even an odd job these days.

    You'll have to be a good shot to bag this wily woodsman.

    That’s why Utah-area resident Mork Encino, who swears this is his real name, created the oddest job for himself.

    Encino, 28, on his website, advertises he’ll be human prey for marksmen with $10,000 to spare.

    It’ll cost you an extra $2k to hunt him in the nude.

    He’s not worried about the steep price driving off customers.

    “I’m looking for a true god[bleep] Money Bags, okay? 10K is nothing to these boys. They leave tips on restaurant checks like that. They drop that type of scratch just because. They’ll pay that money just to rub it in my FACE and show me how meaningless it truly is to the likes of them,” he writes on huntme4sport.com.

    Jobless man offers hunters human prey | News To Me with George Mathis
  2. rambot

    rambot Senior Member

    If 10k is nothing to these boys, why is he charging it? Why not 100Gs so that he only has to do that once every 2 years or so.

    It's tough to believe how stupid some people are.
  3. Jazer

    Jazer Guest

    I doubt if he would give you much run for your money. He looks pretty lazy to me. Although maybe you could get a bit of action out of him when the bullets start to fly.
  4. moonkitty

    moonkitty Senior Veteran

    I don't think it was a serious offer. I took it as more of a statistical comment on the times we live in. Sort of like Jonathan Swift's "A Modest Proposal" where he proposes poor Irish people to sell their children as food to the wealthy.
  5. Autumnleaf

    Autumnleaf Legend

    Is he willing to be shot at with bullets? Can his head be kept as a trophy? I represent an interested 3rd party in the matter...
  6. yasic

    yasic Part time poster, Full time lurker

    In the united states it is illegal to purposefully kill someone else even if consent is given.
  7. Autumnleaf

    Autumnleaf Legend

    Then where does this prey for sale plan on selling his pound of flesh?
  8. AirPo

    AirPo with a Touch of Grey

    He's willing to do it naked. ;);)

    It's probably in the personals section.