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foolish jesting

Discussion in 'Word of Faith' started by janny108, Jul 31, 2015.

  1. janny108

    janny108 Well-Known Member

    Word of Faith
    In Relationship
    how do you respond to foolish jesting? ex. someone sneezed at work, and someone said "you're going to use up all your blessings" and then that lady said "oh yeah I know, etc."
    This is something I really don't like! Or someone will say x and then say "I'm just kidding"
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  2. Truthfrees

    Truthfrees Well-Known Member Supporter

    Word of Faith
    You could maybe say JOKINGLY:

    "I wouldn't want to say that and have it come to pass", or

    "Jesus says we have what we say, so I wouldn't want to say something like that and have it come to pass". Mark 11:23

    IOW, counter a stupid joke with a truth joke.

    It might get them thinking.

    If you say it as a joke instead of seriously, they might be more receptive and less likely to get offended.

    "A brother offended is harder to be won over than a strong city." - Proverbs 18:19

    Last edited: Aug 4, 2015
  3. Alive_Again

    Alive_Again Resident Alien

    Word of Faith

    This is a good topic. I have given it considerable thought over the years.

    My natural personality growing up was somewhat heavy on the light-hearted joking. I'm sure it was a "coping mechanism". It helped me to survive some very negative stuff starting early in life. As a result, I have honed it into a more presentable personality trait that often resembles a gift. Not that I think I am really funny, but somehow myself and whoever (in person), always seem to have a good laugh. It's a good pick me up, so to speak, and if you can do it without playing the fool, then it breaks the ice and releases some chemicals within you to help ease your stress.

    The key here is the "foolish" part of the jesting. Early in my walk, it was all about "dying" and repentance. Not a lot about living, and it took some faith teaching to begin to rise up. My "religious" part in my early walk would want to SERIOUSLY cut down on almost ALL jesting. The scripture seemed to diss jesting in general and calling it "foolsih". But I don't believe that at all.

    If you look at the attributes of a fool in scripture, then applying those attributes to your humor (for example) paints a pretty good picture of what "foolish jesting" might be.

    If you're in the "pulpit" (at church or out in the world), then sometimes what you say is "inconvenient". It gets in the way of what the Lord wants to say. He's far more serious than we can know, but at the same time, I believe He laughs a whole lot more than we ever could imagine. When you tell joke or a pun, how many times could you tell that you grieved the Holy Spirit, or that your sense of the anointing was thinning quickly?! We should judge it moment by moment.

    I do believe knowing the time and season for proper expression is the balance.

    When I met the woman I was to marry, I had already had a slightly silly side to my personality in a light-hearted and good way. But I enjoyed being serious, and by comparison, I found a real dignity in being that way. As a man in my 50's, it's a lot more appropriate to take life seriously. I should have done so much earlier.

    But the wife always enjoyed my personality and told me she like my (toned down) sillyness. I clearly remember God giving me an appreciation for the serious stuff, so being serious is good too. I received a prophecy where the Lord told me that I was a lot of fun and never to lose my wonderful sense of humor.

    So the key again, is the time and season. You can always tell if you're carnal by the type of things that come out of your mouth. You'll get in trouble if you open up your mouth wide. That's something more like what the OP is indicating. If you say idle words, you'll be judged for them. If love can motivate your expression of humor, you're a lot safer. If you're carnal, it's better to close your mouth and change that.

    You can do more damage in five minutes of saying stupid stuff and getting into agreement with the wrong thing, etc...

    If your friends are carnal (more often than not), then they'll bring you down to their level. Better sometimes to ask for friends that will lift you up. Friends that will receive admonition to walk on a higher level; words that will edify you and give you comfort.
  4. Truthfrees

    Truthfrees Well-Known Member Supporter

    Word of Faith
    :oldthumbsup: Great points.
  5. KimT

    KimT Saved by Grace

    Lead by example and remember that silence is sometimes better than a thousand words.
  6. hhodgson

    hhodgson Semper-fi Supporter

    United States
    Word of Faith
    Also great therapy for PTSD sufferers. im-ok-smiley[1].gif

  7. SavedByGrace3

    SavedByGrace3 Whoever calls on the name of Jesus will be saved Supporter

    United States
    The Lord has convicted me of to much jovial speaking.
    You do not want to come across as a curmudgeon, but you do not want to be considered a fool either.
    Plus we will be judged by every idle word. How far do you take that idea????
  8. janny108

    janny108 Well-Known Member

    Word of Faith
    In Relationship
    I enjoy a sense of humor too, but there's some humor forms I cannot stand! Because I know death and life are in the power of the tongue; Proverbs says.