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Finding welcoming progressive congregations

Discussion in 'Whosoever Will, May Come - Liberal' started by RickardoHolmes, Aug 14, 2019.

  1. RickardoHolmes

    RickardoHolmes Active Member

    Greetings everyone

    I was reading an online article, which I cannot find, probably from a Bishop Spong acolyte anyway the question was posed about avoiding church vs finding the right one, something i long ago abandoned
    The writer suggested that the person Google the name of their town and "Progressive congregations or progressive churches and see what they find

    So I tried this and found non denominational churches with the exception of the one Episcopal church where we spend advent and an occasional Wednesday noon Mass. From ex experience it is progressive in TEACHING but not someplace that is a welcoming community.

    So I came across a few....threw out the megachurch for personal reasons....found 2 progressive Baptist churches, not sure if Caucasians are welcome, and 3 non denominational places, one which caters to nontraditional people, saying that Jesus is perfect but people and congregations are not. That is a far cry from the number of times I have heard from various churches that they themselves were perfect while others were not. Anyway, I do not like contemporary services, but the idea of finding people who are OPEN to friendship and acceptance is intriguing.
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  2. SkyWriting

    SkyWriting The Librarian Supporter

    United States
    My wife and I when to over a dozen churches before settling in.
  3. MasterYourLife

    MasterYourLife Active Member

    What do you mean by progressive?
    Accepting to sin? Allowing willful sinning pastors?
  4. PloverWing

    PloverWing Episcopalian

    United States
    Finding a church that's progressive in its teachings and values can usually be done by looking for clues on their web site -- do they have female clergy or lay leaders, do they mention ministry to the poor, etc. (I can suggest some things to look for, if you don't already have your own list.) Finding a church that's warm and friendly in person is harder; it usually requires visiting the church in person, maybe for a few weeks in a row, and meeting the people. It might take a few weeks or months of visiting multiple churches to find one that truly welcomes you in person.

    [ Note to those reading this conversation: You are in the WWMC forum. All are welcome to post in fellowship, but please do not equate progressive values with sin in this forum. ]
  5. ChristianForCats

    ChristianForCats In memory of my cat Daisy, who God loves

    United States
    You don't have to be black to feel welcome at a Baptist church. Where do you live?

    Why don't you like contemporary services? I love them because I can't sing the wrong stanzas during the worship portion like I did with a hymn book.