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Fear of Uncertainty

Discussion in 'Obsessive Compulsive Disorder' started by Hermit7, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. Hermit7

    Hermit7 Newbie

    Greetings all,

    First of all I'd like to thank everyone on this board for being so helpful in my struggles. I know I tend to be...redundant, but it's so wonderful how patient all of you have been to me.

    The thing that I wanted to bring up in this post was my fear of uncertainty.

    Today at work I had an anxiety spike along with intrusive thoughts (again the fear of salvation loss, no surprise) and now because of that moment I'm afraid to hand in some work to my supervisor.

    Now here's the things, I know that:

    1.) This stuff happens to me before and nearly always it turns out to be nothing.
    2.) This is mostly likely my condition acting up and I should ignore it because of that.

    You see, I KNOW all these things, but I hesitate to not worry about it because there's always that chance that it might be real--at least my mind is telling me that.

    It's this uncertainty that's killing me.

    What am I going to do? How do I keep reminding myself not to worry?

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  2. kaykay9.0

    kaykay9.0 Guest

    The main thing I can tell you about that is simply that is that OCD hate any hint of uncertainty. But life and faith are pretty much about less than 100% certainty about many things. We walk by faith, not by sight but that's tough for OCD. Part of healing from OCD is learning to allow a little bit of uncertainty. Does that make sense?

    It helps me a little bit to remind myself that I MUST accept SOME level of uncertainty or risk to overcome OCD and live a normal life.
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  3. amaui

    amaui Forever a Child of God

    Well i can tell you that uncertainty is a part of being human. So is imperfection. Dont let ocd convince you otherwise. Ocd tends to send people on a hunt to be perfect in everything and uncertaintly can be a part of that. Dont worry at all.

    If you worry about your salvation, pray or read the bible. If you are uncertain how to handle a certain situiation in a christain manner, ask The Holy Spirit to reveal it to you. Then get quiet and listen to you heart. But also, dont sweat the small stuff. God is not constantly looking for something to point His finger in your life. And if He does correct you, its because He doesnt want you to suffer the concequences of sin. HE CARES ABOUT YOU DEARLY, AND YOU CANNOT LOSE SALVATION, EVER! NO MATTER WHAT. Dont let ocd or the devil tell you otherwise.

    I would say to you, cast your cares on the Lord because he cares for you. HES WAITING TO HANDLE YOUR PROBLEMS FOR YOU IF YOU WOULD LET HIM. You are not suppose to handle ocd in your own strenght bacause that wont work out, trust me, i know!

    And God bless you.
  4. tisasituation

    tisasituation Newbie

    Try cognitive behavioral therapy! I swear by it now for my OCD!
  5. AsterWhelmed255

    AsterWhelmed255 Newbie

    THIS.^ This is always my problem, too. The acute fear and worry that it might be real THIS TIME, so I should pay attention to it. I think if someone found the solution to this, we'd all suddenly be cured right off the bat. :p I think a good strategy for you might be to think "Does this feel like OCD? Yes? Then I think God'll understand if I just ignore it and get on with my day." Try and see if that works. :)