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Does God evolve?

Discussion in 'Creation & Evolution' started by Gottservant, May 29, 2007.

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  1. Gottservant

    Gottservant God loves your words, may men love them also Supporter

    New ideas are just that: new ideas. Evolution is a new idea, but I don't think that it has been properly thought out. For example, consider God. God changes all the time, but does evolution apply to Him? The fact is that it does not.

    "Wait," I hear you say "God doesn't reproduce, so evolution can't apply to Him." Well, that is interesting, isn't it? The one who created all things can't experience what He created. It's like God creating a rock that He can't lift: something doesn't make sense and it's not God.

    What if God did reproduce, do you think that evolution would apply to Him then? Would His children gradually change so that they are nothing like Him? The problem with this is that you would then be saying that there are people more evolved than God. Does that make sense? No.

    God is bigger than the changes that take place. It's not a question of whether He reproduces or not: He doesn't need to evolve. Selection pressures don't exist for God because He cannot die. Moreover, if God had children they would inherit this fact.

    The fact that we can inherit eternal life from God is what makes it great to be a Christian. Having eternal life is also why Christians so easily see that evolution does not make sense, from an eternal perspective. If life were evolving all the time, our eternal destiny would be changing all the time. Our eternal destiny stays the same until we change something, for or against God.

    That our eternal destiny does not change is just the tip of the iceberg. All sorts of questions come up if you start saying that we evolve all the time. Like who did Jesus die for if He could not predict what evolution would be next? Or how did God know that what He created was good if He hadn't seen it survive yet? Or how would God judge on Judgement Day what was good and what was bad if one evolution was the same as another?

    The questions above are all red-herrings; you should be able to tell that the above questions are red-herrings from reading them. Its the deeper questions that really hurt when it comes to evolution. Like how do you tell your kids that you care if you believe evolution makes them significantly less like you than they could be? Or how do you ask your parents for advice if they don't know what it's like to be your particular evolution? Even how do you reconcile your morality with the fact that at some point you believe your ancestor was lower than you are? It's questions like these and the answers to them that make me as a Christian want to avoid evolution.
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  2. chunkylee

    chunkylee Guest

    Is this some kind of horrible joke?
  3. Tomk80

    Tomk80 Titleless

  4. Tenka

    Tenka Guest

  5. MrGoodBytes

    MrGoodBytes Seeker for life, probably

    I omitted the irrelevant parts.
  6. Nithavela

    Nithavela lologist

    Other Religion
    Maybe your unwillingness to touch the subject of evolution would vanish if you would actually understand it. There is no such thing as "lesser" evolution, your kids are NOT lesser versions of you for crying out loud.
  7. coyoteBR

    coyoteBR greetings

    Well, Gottservant, I believe God Is Immutable. You can't Evolve Endless Perfection.

    But, yes, His Children - aka every single human being - gradually change to, hopefully, became more like Him, to act according His Law of Love. It's a proccess that takes from cradle to grave, and more.

    However, your point is...?
  8. Wiccan_Child

    Wiccan_Child Contributor

    In Relationship
    Ah, another gem from the mind of Gottservent. One day, we'll learn that it's all a big Poe. One day...

    Till then, I'll point out the overarching flaw in this OP: implying that Evolution is progressive. A classic misunderstanding, one which is solved with the 'ignore' button.
  9. ranmaonehalf

    ranmaonehalf Senior Member

    ignoring whatever GS posted as its his normal poeism.
    The question of if a god existed did it evolve is a interesting one. I would have to say yes. It would have evolved from a long line of other beings.
  10. Upisoft

    Upisoft CEO of a waterfal

    But, of course. From villain in OT He became all loving in NT.
  11. spiritplumber

    spiritplumber Member


    INDIVIDUALS DO NOT EVOLVE, POPULATIONS DO. Stop getting your biology notions from Pokemon.
  12. lemmings

    lemmings Veteran

    Next gottservant poll:

    Are unicorns and gnomes subject to evolution?
  13. atomweaver

    atomweaver Senior Member

    I wonder how damaging the disingenuous and non-sensical applications of biological evolution are to the cause of Conversion. I cannot imagine a person accepting a message of spiritual salvation, when it comes laden with so much deception about the ideas of others...
    Biological evolution = the frequency change of alleles within a population, nothing more.
  14. us38

    us38 im in ur mind, disturben ur sanities


    The concept of god definitely evolves.
  15. Avatar

    Avatar Well-Known Member Supporter

    Yes, God evolves. God's evolution is the point of the universe.
  16. moogoob

    moogoob Resident Deist

    Howscome I keep agreeing with you? ;)
  17. Avatar

    Avatar Well-Known Member Supporter

    You might just be a panDeist. ;)
  18. mrpiddly

    mrpiddly Senior Member

    But how can something that doesnt exist evolve?
  19. Avatar

    Avatar Well-Known Member Supporter

    The universe managed it 13 billion years ago. :p
  20. TheBear

    TheBear Free Agent

    In that regards, cancer is a new idea.