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Trigger Warning Dealing With Every Day Triggers

Discussion in 'Trauma, PTSD & Dissociation' started by waves, May 20, 2019.

  1. waves

    waves not so new

    The term trigger has more than one definition. The ones I am referring to are defined below:

    Trigger (Cambridge Dictionary)

    There is not a day that goes by when I am not triggered by several things. There are two types of triggers in my case: A trigger in reaction to traumatic events, and being purposely triggered by people, which is where the mind control programming comes in.

    Examples of main triggers in reaction to traumatic events I face daily

    - Bathing (Fear of bathing). This is because of an incident where I was taking a shower and two adults, prominent persons, were looking at me laughing and ever since then I have being afraid of bathing

    - When someone speaks (it can be anybody at any time) reminds me often of sexual abuse where I feel disgusted.

    - Washing Dishes (Feeling disgusted when thinking about washing plates because of the grease and also throwing away garbage, not wanting to touch certain things). Not wanting germs on me etc

    Examples of Being Purposely Triggered By People (Mind Control Programming)

    -Because I know that people will purposely bring out or trigger my alters I try to avoid this happening.

    So I do not answer any phone call for the most part. Just by someone speaking one word over the telephone, this can cause alters to emerge, triggering me to do certain things, so I am very careful with phone calls.

    I do not answer a phone call unless I feel I have to, which causes my mother to quarrel with me often, because I will hear the phone ringing and refuse to answer it.

    - People speaking words directly to me can causes my alters to be triggered into doing something I don't want to for example sexual things seems to be a major one. This is why people have been able to manipulate me. They know what words to use to get me to act in a particular way etc

    Emergence of Alters

    - The thought of talking to my significant other face to face makes me very afraid. Oftentimes I think he is angry at me.

    As a result, an alter has emerged in me that sounds exactly like my significant other, and this alter constantly is angry at me, criticizing me often loudly.

    -I use to have an alter who is a racist young adult white man who would insult me, taunt me, called me racial slurs etc, but I have not heard him in a long time, perhaps he is gone.
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  2. waves

    waves not so new


    The two prominent persons I am referring to in regards to my fear of bathing is Barack Obama and Michelle Obama.

    Additionally Freemasons want to kill me and my family.

    Me and my family face threats constantly from all sides, from world leaders who are involved in my abuse, from persons who trafficked me from a child, from gunmen and women who hate us, from everyday persons who hate me, and have been encouraged to hate me. From persons within governments etc, from all sides.

    These are the type of threats me and my family face every day.
    Last edited: May 28, 2019