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Statement of Purpose Daily Devotionals Statement of Purpose

Discussion in 'Daily Devotionals' started by Kristen.NewCreation, Apr 7, 2014.

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  1. Kristen.NewCreation

    Kristen.NewCreation Recovery Area Co-Administrator Staff Member Administrator Supporter Recovery Team Staff on LOA CF Senior Ambassador Angels Team

    United States

    This is an awesome forum to increase your study in the word of God with and through others. Share your devotions here, and what God has shown you during your quiet time. Feel free to reference scriptures and books of reference from your study time, and allow God's Holy Spirit to shine His light through your words.

    Note: Use the [​IMG] button at the start of your study or devotional if you do not wish others to participate in a discussion within your thread.

    If you see the [​IMG] button, please respect the wishes of the OP and just read their devotion or study quietly. You may rep them if you like something in particular, or send them a PM if you have questions on something they've posted. They may elaborate further in their thread if they desire to.

    Please stay within the CF Rules and enjoy getting to know each other and your desire to grow spiritually.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.