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Statement of Purpose Controversial Christian Theology Statement of Purpose

Discussion in 'Controversial Christian Theology' started by Sojourner1, May 5, 2015.

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  1. Sojourner1

    Sojourner1 Following my Shepherd Supporter

    United States
    Controversial Christian Theology Statement of Purpose

    Welcome to Controversial Christian Theology forum. This forum is for discussing and debating topics that do not directly oppose the Nicene Creed, but are not considered to be traditional orthodox Christian theology on CF. These unorthodox topics may not contradict the Nicene Creed. All posts must to adhere to the CF Statement of Faith. This forum is open to Christian members only. Please refer to our faith groups list for clarification. This forum is not intended to be a "safe haven" for members who hold unorthodox Christian beliefs.

    Non-Trinitarianism may only be discussed in the Outreach category forums. Gnosticism may not be discussed in any CF forums. Unorthodox Christian theological topics include (but are not limited to):
    • Annihilationism
    • Full Preterism
    • Open Theism
    • Universalism
    Faith groups and individuals that deny the full, eternal deity of Jesus Christ or His incarnation whereby He, as God, took on human flesh (becoming fully God and fully man in one person), are considered non-Christians at CF. Posts that deny the full, eternal deity of Jesus Christ or His incarnation are considered non-Christian theology and are not allowed in "Christians Only" forums. Discussions in all "Christians Only" forums must be in alignment with Trinitarian beliefs.

    Challenging Paul's position as an Apostle of Jesus Christ who (although not one of the original twelve) was sent forth by Christ after his conversion [Acts 9:15-16], or arguing against the inclusion of Paul's writings in the New Testament canon, is not allowed in any "Christians Only" forums (including the Controversial Christian Theology forum). You may disagree on the interpretation and application of his writings, but not their place as canon or Paul as an inspired author of Scripture.

    *Please note: this forum does not allow discussion or debate of Mormon or Jehovah's Witness religious beliefs. Please discuss Mormonism and/or Jehovah's Witness beliefs in the Debate Other Religions and Faiths forum.

    Guidelines for Posting in the Controversial Christian Theology Forum

    We realize that our Christian members will have significant differences of opinions and beliefs about the unorthodox Christian theology that will be discussed in this forum. Christian members may not accuse other Christian members of not being true Christians based on their orthodox or unorthodox beliefs. This is a place where members can discuss why they hold controversial unorthodox theologies to be in error and at odds with orthodox Christian theology, and for other members to defend and explain their unorthodox Christian theological beliefs.
    • Always remember that you are first and foremost brothers and sisters in Christ, regardless of your theological differences and viewpoints.
    • It is expected that people who post in CCT will respect all members of the Christian faith.
    • Do not identify a group of members or a theological viewpoint with a derogatory or inflammatory label.
    • Theological discussions can at times become heated, so please remember to keep your emotions in check and your responses in line with our sitewide rules and the following guidelines.

    Handling Disagreements

    Members who participate in the Controversial Christian Theology forums are expected to treat one another with courtesy and respect at all times, ESPECIALLY when you disagree with each other. It is not a flame for a member to disagree with another member's argument or opinion on a specific topic.
    • When you disagree, address the context of the post and not the poster.
    • When you disagree with someone's position, you should post evidence and supporting statements for your position. This policy, sometimes referred to as "X means Y because of Z", must be followed especially when posting claims that are widely considered to be controversial.
    • When you disagree and you find yourself becoming frustrated and angry, step away from the computer and give yourself time to cool down.
    • Always proofread your post before hitting the "Reply" button to make sure you have responded with courtesy and respect.

    The term "anti-____" as used in this forum has come to have the connotation of one who is against or hates a particular faith group as people, CF staff have decided that it is not an appropriate term for use in this forum. Therefore, if any member refers to another member as "anti-_____", "an anti", "hater", "_____ hater", or any related terms with the same meaning, such comments will be regarded as flaming and will be dealt with as such.

    If you have issues with another member and can't work it out or are disgruntled about a staff decision, please click on the "Support" tab in the header navigation bar, or "Contact Us" at the bottom of the page, and open a new support ticket. Discussion of members or staff actions in the forums is considered disruptive and can result in additional staff actions.
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