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Conspiracy theories

Discussion in 'General Politics' started by Tom 1, Sep 18, 2020.

  1. Tom 1

    Tom 1 Optimistic sceptic Supporter

    (staff edit)

    This is an interesting look at how fake conspiracies with just enough fact mixed in can have a tremendous influence in politics: Where Conspiracy Reigns

    For thinking 'believers' there is enough of a narrative for networks of conspiracy to have at least some internal logic, provided that the person can justify closing off their mind to anything that might challenge or contradict this narrative through a broader context or just relevant data. The whole 'fake news' trope provides a convenient cover for people to do this by simply dismissing anything that doesn't fit the conspiracy narrative, meaning they can dismiss rational analysis out of hand without even reading it.

    Other than that there seems to be a visceral appeal, a more basic comparison with things that are or seem good or bad in themselves, without any thought to context beyond the immediate, along the lines of riots are bad, someone from BLM said something about this or that bad thing, so it's all bad vs Trump said some stuff that sounds like it aligns with things I agree with, therefore he is all good. This then channels into a self-reinforcing loop that divides people into 'bad' groups who need to be dealt with by the perceived 'good' groups. This kind of emotional level stuff is more insidious I think, because they only way anyone can get out of that way of looking at the world is if they make a genuine, concerted effort to educate themselves on the broader historical and social contexts and to absorb and understand perspectives they instinctively don't like, based on their own presuppositions about the world. That's a big challenge, and requires the ability and willingness to question one's own basic perceptions as well as learning to put personal experience and gut feelings into the much broader social context beyond the narrow worldview these kind of conspiracy narratives thrive in.

    I think the reality is that this kind of thinking isn't going to go away. I wonder if conspiracy theorists do sometimes experience some uneasiness that perhaps it doesn't all quite add up, but it seems pretty clear that if that does happen then the effects of groupthink and the salting of most conspiracy type ideas with just enough fact to support the fiction, and the actual real-life riots and so on that appear to validate it all are enough to stop most people from following that thread to a wider and more comprehensive understanding of current events, particularly in the US where the TV news continually pushes people not to think beyond the immediate. What does all that mean for the US now? A Trump win in November will inevitably lead to an exponential escalation of the current unrest and conflict going on over there, and increasingly aggressive measures will be easy to justify in a country where many people are unwilling to look beyond the confines of the 'alternative facts' universe. People a decade or more from now will look back and question how things got so out of hand, as they inevitably will under Trump, but that consideration isn't going to alter many people's thinking in the present. It's hard to think of any way that it might end well, the only possible way out of such a mess seems to be for people to take the individual responsibility to engage seriously with real information and discussion of it, conspiracy thinking can only exist within a limited frame of reference so people could make there own way out of that, but there seems to be little appetite for that among people who buy into this stuff, which makes it seem like it is just going to continue feeding on itself.
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  2. Sanoy

    Sanoy Well-Known Member

    United States
    Good read, if you haven't read it, do so now.

    Goodness, and the virtues that describe it all refer Gods nature. It's a mistake to see either party as a virtue, because Christ is neither republican or democrat. Each party has some of these virtues. We should neither be Republican or Democrat, we should only be Christ seekers. Those who seek the nature of Christ. We can vote for either party, join a party, or campaign and debate which party we should vote for without our identity being one or the other. Our only identity should be Christian, one who seeks to be like Christ in nature. We cannot be that, and also one who seeks to have the identity of republican or democratic party. We must be Christian completely, and love Him not just with all our heart but all our mind as well - seeking out truth, and making our decisions with wisdom.

    The beauty of setting your sights only on Christs nature alone is that there is no reason to be offended by worldly political attacks, nor is there any need or impulse to defend negative political actions for the sake of some party. You are free of all of it, but if you set your sights on political identity you are bound by both.

    Internal war appears to be coming to this nation. The only way out is God, who works through us. If we cannot be as we were meant to be, and are caught up with worldly things, our nation is doomed to die in darkness.
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2020
  3. FreeinChrist

    FreeinChrist CF Advisory team Staff Member Site Advisor Supporter

    United States

    This is reopened. Remember the site rules when discussing this topic:

    Qanon conspiracy theories are not allowed on CF.

    Don't even broach that particular topic as anyone supporting it would be violation of the site rules. ​