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Church history ~ A quick review

Discussion in 'St. Athanasius Chapel and Reference Library' started by RosaryChaplet9, Jan 11, 2014.

  1. RosaryChaplet9

    RosaryChaplet9 Guest

    To properly understand church history I've read several books
    a) The Orthodox church by Kallistos ware
    2) Vladmir Lossky's Theology of the Eastern Church
    3) Russia and the land of the Tsars
    4) The Orthodox Church by sergius bulgakov

    A basic review of church history 101 ..
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  2. truefiction1

    truefiction1 Fool

    United States
    Eastern Orthodox
    I'm reading "Orthodox Christians in America: A Short History" by John H. Erickson.

    I'm really rather enjoying it, and am learning many things about American Orthodoxy that I now realize that probably everyone else already pretty much knows, except for myself and very small children in the church.
  3. Abel Gkiouzelis

    Abel Gkiouzelis The Smile of God in your heart

    Eastern Orthodox