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Child birth and dad in labor room

Discussion in 'Pregnancy & Gynecological Issues' started by mariahcarey, Aug 12, 2016.

  1. mariahcarey

    mariahcarey New Member

    Hello friends,
    What will be your opinion on dads attending their child birth in labor room?
    I will soon be delivering my baby, due date in October.
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  2. 4x4toy

    4x4toy Newbie Supporter

    I was not with my wife in the room and I wouldn't want to be in a position where I could not help or be of use . Plus I was scared . I don't go shopping either , I'm scared .. Good luck though and God bless ..
  3. mariahcarey

    mariahcarey New Member

    Is it that scary, Ya may be which is why my husband is not willing to attend.
  4. Paidiske

    Paidiske Clara bonam audax Supporter

    My husband was there when our daughter was born. I just asked him if he regretted it at all, and he said, "It wasn't pleasant, but I was very pleased to be there to support you, and to be there at Zoë's arrival."

    Make of that what you will.

    But if your husband isn't willing, what other people think really isn't the issue. What is his concern?
  5. mariahcarey

    mariahcarey New Member

    Hello Paidiske,
    He is actually willing to attend, but I want a normal delivery. My husband being very soft at heart, he is not gaining confidence in him will he be able to support me or ask for c-sec if it becomes unbearable to me. I am madly reading out the articles on it and searching the best option out.
    The story doesn't ends here some articles say dads should attend and some say not to. See this an article on it by Tony Luck http://www.babynology.com/parenting-advice/should_the_dad_attend_the_birth_of_his_baby.html
    This was quite impressive I and my husband have joined the classes where the midwife is teaching related exercises which are to be carried out at the time of labor, prenatal, postnatal etc all courses will be covered in it.
    Hope this will make both of us bold enough to face the situation.
  6. seashale76

    seashale76 Orthodox Christian and Unapologetic Iconodule

    Eastern Orthodox
    Let's look at this from a patient and medical perspective instead of a 'should men be there for women things' perspective. Studies have shown that patients that have family present to support them helps them to recover faster. It's not about him, it's about being there to support you.

    If there's one thing I've learned from my friend that's an L&D nurse, it's that normal situations can turn into high risk emergencies very quickly. While childbirth is a natural process, there are always complications that can arise before, during, and after. And regarding c-sections, it is surgery. There is always a risk involved.
  7. Poppyseed78

    Poppyseed78 Well-Known Member Supporter

    My husband was in the room with me when I was in labor and during the birth of our son. I had an induction and was in labor for 32 hours. I would not have been happy if he decided not to be there with me through it. His support was really helpful to me. He had some worry beforehand that he'd be overwhelmed, scared etc, but once we were at the hospital, we did what we had to do and he was there for me through it. The goal is to have your baby as safely as possible. Once you're in labor, adrenaline takes over. It's a natural process that, I think, can actually be beneficial to the father and to the couple as they meet their new child together for the first time.
  8. elladig46

    elladig46 New Member

    Oriental Orthodox
    I personally against my husband's presence in a labor room. Some of them have really weak nerves) It's better to save them and yourself) My 7 months pregnant friend has the same opinion.